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Completed Chapter 6


Chapter 1: (missable trophy in this chapter)

  • You’ll start off in a room with a desk. Before doing anything else you need to pick up 7 wrong keys for Wrong key wrong key wrong key. The keys are located as follows:
  • On the bottom shelf of shelving left of the desk.
  • In the drawer of the shelving (left of desk)
  • There are two in the left shelves of the desk, top and bottom.
  • One on the right side of the desk.
  • One in the nightstand next to the bed
  • One in the top drawer of the chest-of-drawers on the other side of the room.
  • Now go over to the door and attempt to open it. You can’t.
  • Go across the room (to the right of the desk) and click on the pink camo looking painting on the wall. Grab the key. Exit the room.

Chapter 2:

  • Open the two small presents on the table.
  • Go over to the pinata and shake it to get a pin.
  • Use the pin with the donkey tail (in purple present) and put on blindfold (in red present)
  • Pin the tail on the donkey on the wall
  • Blow out the candles and open the main big present.
  • This will reveal the key to leaving the room.

Chapter 3:

  • Pick up the magnifying glass on the chair to your right. Take it to the left and look at the snow globe with it.
  • Enter the cabin and grab the key from the chair.
  • Exit the cabin and unlock the door across the way to exit.

Chapter 4: (missable trophy in this chapter)

  • At the start of this creepy chapter walk all the way to the end of the sidewalk on the left side and wait.
  • Eventually a person with a smiley face for a face will appear. Once it walks past you’ll unlock Do you need me to hold your hand?
  • Now back to the beginning of the chapter where the crosswalk is. Go across and to the right there’s an alleyway that’s blocked with chains. To the right of this are symbols.
  • You need to find those symbols on the backs of the pedestrians walking around. You press when you see one on the pedestrians and a chime occurs when it’s correct.
  • Once you’ve found them all, the chains will be gone and you can enter that passageway. Walk up to the alarm clock and you’ll be transported to what appears to be a frame of a room.
  • Step into the water and walk towards the door. You need to remain on the platforms. Use to jump. The last jump from the platform to the cage/door is a little tricky. If you fall you’ll start from the beginning of the water area. Exit the door to move to Chapter 5.

Chapter 5: (missable trophy in this chapter)

  • There will be red searchlight type areas on the floors of this room. Simply walk into one of them three times in a row to unlock Fine don't listen to me
  • Now go over to the control panel to the left of the door in the back of the room. Enter the code “0834” to finish this chapter.

Chapter 6:

  • Head towards the heart in the back of the room, then turn around and head into the middle room.
  • There are 4 valves in this room and you need to turn each one until the machine it’s tied to breaks. You’ll know it’s broken because it will begin to smoke.
  • Head back towards the heart.
  • Game over!
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