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Eat all foods in a campaign without killing any advanced creature.

NOTE: This trophy can be done as intended with a proper install. This is also awarded when you complete the credits on a glitch-install (see top of first post to reproduce)

See How to play the game (in top post) for food/creature definition.

Easiest with the yellow guy. In addition to the tips below, you can hit any button to temp hide while yellow whenever an advanced creature attacks.
a) When you get to the layer where they enjoy eating the (-), relax.
What you need to do is stay in the area, and as they go running around eating them the (-) will re-spawn. Soon enough one (-) will spawn right next to you, jump in it quickly!
b) The advanced creatures like to also eat and guard the (-). The trick here is to go down to this layer when you are just above the (-) beneath you. You will also have a moment to maneuver while going to the lower layer of the sea, and you need to use that to ensure you do not eat or get eaten, but go directly to the (-).
c) There are some levels with "sleeper" creatures. These guys just float around, doing nothing at first glance ~ but they actually create food every few seconds. You will need to chill on any layer with these guys eating all the things they pop out until their supply of food is depleted. If you move on before they are done, you will not get the trophy. Just be patient on these layers, as tempting as it is to kill them!

User Comments
 Comment #1 by statman
Thursday, January 07, 2016 @ 12:38:37 AM

In the case of accidentally eating a section of an advanced creature - don't stress! As long as that creature is still alive, then the trophy is still achievable.

I accidentally ate a single section out of 2 different advanced creatures, and the trophy still popped when I reached the final layer. :)

 Comment #2 by erdvilla
Monday, May 11, 2020 @ 10:25:14 AM

Got Cannibalism first, so when I went for this one I got it on my first try. Considerably easier in comparison.

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