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F1 2016 Trophy Guide
Guide By: Combatting
There are 50 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (personal estimate/skill-dependent) -
  • Offline trophies: 45 (34, 9, 2)
  • Online trophies: 5 (3, 1, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 36-50 Hours (personal estimate/skill-dependent) -
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2-3+ of Career Mode, a few races in other modes.
  • Number of missable trophies: Itchy Feet Can be missable if you've chosen a top tiered team, since there won't be any further contract offers for you during your Career(s).
  • Glitched trophies: Turning Things Around - Patch 1.03 - See description for solution.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes - Ultimate Challenge + So You Think You're Fast?
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Welcome to the latest installment of Formula 1 brought to you by Codemasters - F1 2016 on the latest generation of consoles only. F1 2016 is by far the best F1 yet with a whole new layout from 2015 including new drivers as well as new race tracks to drive with and on. F1 2016 also has the easiest trophy list to date though granted, you need to win a race on Ultimate, but as ever you can make that easy on yourself using the methods listed in the guide below.

As a quick note, currently, the Turning Things Around trophy is glitched as of Patch 1.03. It still unlocks for some people, but many are still having problems with it and as of Patch 1.05 it still isn't fixed.

Regarding this note, any future patches released will probably break further trophies (as has been proven), so if this does happen the only way round this is to revert back to 1.00.

Before we get going, here are some abbreviations or pointers for the inexperienced:

  • SC - Safety Car
  • VSC - Virtual Safety Car (without the patches installed)
  • DRS - Drag Reduction System [to activate in game press ]
  • Black and white flag - Warning/Disqualified
  • Yellow flag - Accident ahead be prepared to slow
  • Blue flag - Allow room for the front runners to lap you
  • Chequered Flag - Race finished
  • DQ - Disqualified
  • DNF - Did not finish


Step 1 - Career Mode

If you're solely going after the trophies, then start Career mode with Mercedes and set the AI to Very Easy as it will make certain trophies like the point-related ones far easier to gain within 1 season. Just be mindful of Overachiever . For that reason, start out by getting Turning Things Around on your first race of the season (it may take two race weekends to pop for you). Don't worry about Itchy Feet for now, just leave that one for last.

You'll likely need to complete two or even three seasons to grind out Thanks To The Team depending on how much time you devote to gaining research points.

You'll unlock the following during this step:

  • Compound The Matter
  • Determined
  • Challenger
  • Tough At The Top
  • Part Of The Programme
  • Seasoned Veteran
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Practice Perfectionist
  • Making Progress
  • Thanks To The Team
  • Come Out On Top
  • Unbeaten
  • It's Not Over Yet
  • Set-up Refined
  • Form An Orderly Queue
  • Down To The Wire
  • Overachiever
  • Turning Things Around
  • Top 3
  • Just The Beginning
  • Best Seat In The House
  • World Champion
  • Constructors' Champion
  • Top That
  • A Truly Global Sport
  • Saved The Day

Step 2 - Time Trial

This year's Time Trial event trophies are far easier than its predecessors as all you have to do is basically complete 1 wet lap time at 5 different tracks (making them clean laps), then just set 1 clean lap on another 5 different tracks, but in the dry to make it easier and faster.

You'll unlock the following during this step:

  • Time To Trial
  • Time Flies
  • Blue Markings

Step 3 - Online

As with the Time Trial events, the Online is again easier than its predecessors as all can be boosted in private matches. This helps especially if you're having troubles with the 5 straight wins. If you need a boosting partner, check here:

You'll unlock the following during this step:

  • Taking It Online
  • Competitive Streak
  • Winning Streak
  • Saved Online Championship

Step 4 - Quick Races plus clean up

By the time you've finished up Career mode, Time Trials + Online, you should have the odd few trophies left which can easily be got via Quick Race. You will also need to do one race in Pro Career (which thankfully you don't need to win) as well as beating the AI on Ultimate.

You'll unlock the following during this step:

  • Compound The Matter
  • Up To Temperature
  • Car Control
  • From Dawn Till Dusk
  • Look But Don't Stare
  • Launchmaster
  • Follow That Car
  • Ultimate Challenge
  • Carefully Does It
  • Brake For The Line
  • So You Think You're Fast?
  • Trophy Collector

[PST Would Like To Thank Combatting for this Roadmap]

Trophy Collector
Acquire every trophy in F1 2016 (2) 

As ever, collect every other trophy to add another to your collection.

Compound The Matter
Fit all 3 available tyre compounds in a race 

These have to be dry tyres, not wets (which are the green-ringed Intermediates and the blue-ringed Full Wets). You will only have to change your tyres twice, since the tyres you start on already count. If you pick a short track like Monaco or Brazil, you will be on the purple ring Ultrasofts. Start a Quick Race on one of these tracks, making it 3 laps.

Once on track, use your Multi-Function Display ( on the D-pad/), then scroll down to where it says 'Next Tyre'. Once there scroll for the Supersofts (red ring), and make a pit stop at the end of the lap. Then on your next lap pick Softs (yellow ring). Certain tracks have different tyre choices available, such as the Mediums (white ring) or Hards (orange ring). As long as you pit twice, the trophy will unlock during your second pit stops once the third set of tyres go on.

Tyre compound reference:

Accept a contract with Renault, Sauber or Manor 

See Tough At The Top for more information.

Accept a contract with Force India, Toro Rosso, McLaren or Haas 

See Tough At The Top for more information.

Tough At The Top
Accept a contract with Red Bull, Williams, Ferrari or Mercedes 

At the start of your Career, you'll be given the option of which team to start with. As long as you accept a contract from a team for the respective trophies, you will be fine. If you want to get these quick, you can just simply back out of Career mode, then create a new Career mode accepting the contracts for the remaining two trophies. This will pop after you've met your agent.

Itchy Feet
Accept a contract with another team mid season 

(Missable - Only if you chose a top-tiered team at the start)

If you've chosen Mercedes at the start to make all the other trophies easier, then you won't get a contract offer from any other teams during your Career(s).

I would advise to leave this for another playthrough (making the AI easy) and picking one of the second-tiered teams. This way, you shouldn't have problems winning races while simulating them (although it's advised to race at least 1 lap though to be sure). Once you've accepted another contract, your Resource Points will go back to 0, and you will lose all the upgrades you currently have. Hence you should leave this trophy till last.

Part Of The Programme
Meet your Research and Development Engineer 

Your engineer will become available to you after you've completed your very first Free Practice session which will be FP1. After you've finished FP1, you will be introduced to Resource Points plus your engineer. After the engineer has done his speech the trophy will pop.

Seasoned Veteran
Complete a full season of 21 races in Career or Championship Season 

See Constructors' Champion for more information.

Practice Makes Perfect
Complete your first Practice Programme 

See Practice Perfectionist for more information.

Practice Perfectionist
Achieve a perfect result in a Practice Programme 

To access the programs during Free Practice, press while you're still in the garage. From here you will be given the option of 3 individual programs plus 1 team based program:


  • Track Acclimatisation - Learning the track layout, racing lines and braking points. You will be going through barriers, and your score will be based from successfully hitting the corner markers on track.
  • Tyre Management - This is the longest of the 3 as you are given 3 laps to get a perfect score however you only need one perfect lap while the rest can be in the green (on target). Be sure to be gentle on the steering through the corners.
  • Qualifying Pace - You will be given low fuel plus the fastest set of tyres to go after a set time given to you.
  • Team Objectives - These can range from having the fastest sectors > fuel saving > top speed > chaining corners etc.

The easiest and quickest of the 3 individual ones to perfect is the Qualifying Pace, although you'll likely be doing all of them many times to get Research Points towards the upgrade trophies.

You can stack this with Practice Makes Perfect

Up To Temperature
Complete a formation lap with your tyres at optimal temperature (3) 

Set up a Quick Race, picking any driver and team. Once that is done make sure the race distance is set to 25%, otherwise, you won't be able to do a formation lap, and it's probably easier to make it a dry race.

Once started, you're looking for at least one/two tyres to hit the 100-degree Celsius mark. I had one bang on 100 degrees while the others were around 98/99 degrees and the trophy popped. You can warm tyres up by weaving across the track and accelerating quickly/braking sharply on the straights.

If you aren't on 100+ degrees by the time you reach the penultimate corner, quickly restart as the computer takes over for the last corner. If that happens, you'll have to back out of the race and do the settings again.

The trophy will pop once everyone has formed up on the grid, and it's automatically saved the game for you.

Making Progress
Have 50% of the vehicle upgrades applied 

See Thanks To The Team for more information.

Thanks To The Team
Purchase all upgrades for your car (1) 

This is going to take you at least 2-3 Career seasons no matter what team you choose, so you may as well pick Mercedes (leaving Itchy Feet for last). Also, your upgrades will carry over to the following season.

To upgrade your car, you will need Resource Points. Resource Points can be gained throughout your career with Free Practice and the Practice programs offering the most. Since you get Resource Points for just participating in a session, I highly advise to space out your individual programs over each Practice session (also while concentrating on the team objectives), meaning do 1 program per Practice session. This way you'll be getting around 80-100 Resource Points per session instead of getting around 200 for just completing all the objectives in one. By doing it this way, you can gain around 350-400 Resource Points per race weekend (Qualifying plus Race included).

After you've gained a decent haul you're going to want to spend these points. This can only be done while you are in the Hospitality Area as you can access your Laptop. To do this press once, then press to go to Research and Development (second tab). Here you can start spending your points.

Each tiered team gets more expensive in terms of spending Resource Points, so I would highly advise against switching teams during careers as this will make it more of a grind as your Resource Points will be wiped plus all upgrades will be reset.

You will notice that you can cease R&D (Research and Development) during the Singapore Grand Prix by pressing on the tab. If you do, you won't be able to add any more upgrades to your car until the following season. However, you will be granted a 20% bonus on all points you earn until the end of the season.

For a visual reference on this, see below (includes the points you need):

Top teams

Middle teams:

Bottom teams:

Come Out On Top
Win a Career Rivalry 

See Unbeaten for more information.

Win all Career rivalries in a Season 

After your first Qualifying, you will be introduced to Career rivalries. These will be different AI drivers (or in my case, as I was Mercedes, mostly the same drivers). Firs, to 30 points wins that rivalry. Most of your points will be from Qualifying and the Race as you shouldn't have a problem gaining the fastest sectors, lap times, out-performing, out-qualifying plus winning the race criteria.

It's Not Over Yet
Reach the mid point of the season leading the Drivers' Championship 

If you've chosen one of the bottom-tiered teams, and have the AI set to Easy/Medium, this shouldn't be a problem. However, if you are new, then the best team to start off with would be Mercedes. Providing you're first, the trophy should unlock when you get to FP1 at Hungary.

Set-up Refined
Take part in any session having made a set-up change via the Setup option in the garage. 

You can gain this during your first Free Practice. While sitting in the garage press for your car setup options. From here press for car settings, then select any of the setups via Once one is selected just change anything you like then save it with . Don't forget to load it afterward.

Form An Orderly Queue
Complete a penalty free formation lap 

You should get this pretty easily providing you don't crash into anyone. First off head to Quick Race (make sure the distance is 25% or more), then head to preferences > race settings > formation lap (second to bottom) > on.

Complete the formation lap, then when the computer takes over once you are back round to the grid, the trophy should unlock providing you didn't hit anyone.

Down To The Wire
Win the Drivers' Championship at the final race of the season 

This may take 1/2+ seasons depending who you are with/what settings you have.

If you've picked Mercedes from the get-go, then this shouldn't be too much of a hassle as 8 times out 10 Hamilton/Rosberg will come second (even if you've simulated). Just make sure that your teammate isn't 25 points+ behind you before the last race.

Spend at least 75% of your season being rated as 'Overachieving' by your team 

Once you get access to your laptop in Career, open it via . You'll notice on the bottom right is your evaluation of how well you are doing throughout the season. If it's in the red you are underachieving, if it's in the green you are on target and if it's in the purple you are overachieving.

After you've gained Turning Things Around , from here just simply start gaining the fastest laps, being on pole, outperforming your teammate, winning races. Here you are looking for the rating bar to be in the purple.

Being in a lower team will give you more races to be in the purple. The bottom tiered teams are purple from 7-10, while the middle tiered teams are 8-10. The higher tiered teams give you less of a chance of staying in the purple as that is 9-10. However, staying in the purple section of the bar shouldn't prove to be all that difficult if you're good at the game or the difficulty settings are on Easy. You get a leeway of around 5-6 races where you are allowed to be in the green or below. Keep an eye on your team expectations for Qualifying and the Race. These can be found on the voicemail on your phone. To gain access press when you are not in control of your laptop.

Turning Things Around
Improve your performance to elevate yourself out of the 'Underachieving' zone (7) 

GLITCHED - As of patch 1.03 multiple people have been reporting this as glitched, so the only solution is to delete the game data, then decline the patches and earn the trophy before re-installing them. This only applies to players who have the retail version.

It's wise to do this on your first race of the season since you're only allowed 75% of the season in the purple if you want to get Overachiever .

For this trophy simply retire from the first three Practice sessions + Qualifying. This should put you in the red straight away. Then all you need to do now is simply get the fastest laps during the next 3 Practice sessions + gain pole, then win the race which should pull you out of the red zone.

Top 3
Achieve a podium finish in any game mode 

See Just The Beginning for more information.

Just The Beginning
Take your first win in any full season 

This should come with your first race Career win as long as you don't get any DNFs/time penalties. Set the AI to Easy if you're struggling.

Best Seat In The House
Take pole position 

If you make this full Qualifying, you will have to make it to Q3 by being in the Top 18 in QQ1 and then Top 10 in Q2. However, if you have set it to One-Shot Qualifying, then you just basically need to set the fastest lap of the Qualifying session.

World Champion
Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship 

See Constructors' Champion for more information.

Constructors' Champion
Win the Formula 1 Constructors' Championship (1) 

If you are new to F1, I would highly advise sticking with one of the top tiered teams like Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari. This might not come straight away (depending on who you pick at the start + your settings), but if you've picked one of these teams, then winning the Drivers + Constructors shouldn't be too difficult. After 21 races the trophy will pop.

Car Control
Complete any race with all assists disabled 

Head to Quick Race > any track + team + driver > preferences > elite (as this just turns everything off for you). Complete the race, even if it takes you a while with the difference in handling, and the trophy should unlock once finished. Don't forget about the manual start, which is to hold the clutch down while keeping a decent RPM and don't jump the lights before they go out.

From Dawn Till Dusk
Set-up your own Time of Day scenario and complete a race 

Head to Quick Race > any track + team + driver > weather & time of day > customise session start time (any will do). Then complete the race.

Look But Don't Stare
Complete 10 penalty free race starts with the system set to 'Manual' 

Head to Quick Race > any track + team + driver > preferences > race settings > race starts manual.

To do manual starts you'll have to hold down the clutch with and maintain a decent RPM with the throttle (). Once the lights go out (don't jump the start as you will gain a penalty thus voiding that count) let go of the clutch, and proceed as normal.

Gain 10 or more positions between the start and end of Sector 1 (2) 

Sectors are marked on the mini-map (bottom left) as white lines. This can be done on any race track. For this trophy pick one of the bottom tiered teams (though making sure the AI are on Easy/Medium). Once the race has started just dive down the inside line as doing this you'll gain a fair few positions. If you don't gain 10 positions by Sector 1 restart the race from the Pause menu.

Follow That Car
Complete 10 penalty free laps behind the Safety Car (7) 

To get the SC make sure you have the settings set to 25%, then this way you will be able to enable the SC in the settings. Also make sure you have the latest patch installed because if you don't, you will just have the VSC (Virtual Safety Car) (double waved yellows).

There is no sure fire way to bring out the Safety car. However, there are plenty of ways you can try to bring it out. One way is to use Monaco, light/heavy rain with the damage set to full/realistic. Pick Mercedes (as you'll be placed on the front row). Once the race is started simply race towards Sainte Devote (first corner), then slam your brakes forcing the AI behind you to crash into each other. 8/9 times out of 10 this will bring the SC out.

The lap that you are trying to catch the SC (i.e. racing to a delta time) plus the lap that the SC is ready to come back into the pits won't count, because these laps aren't "completed" laps.

The SC should stay out a good 2-3 laps depending on how severe the crash is. As long as you don't fall behind the car in front (if there are cars in front of you), then you should be fine.

Note: As of patch 1.03 Codemasters has upped the frequency of the SC after accidents.

Trust In Your Team
Pit under the Safety Car onto the team's suggested strategy (1) 

While the SC is out (see Follow That Car for tips on how to achieve this), the team should give you another strategy. Accept it via , then pit while the SC is still out.

Note this will only work if you've set the race to a dry race, since you won't have to pit during the rain, hence why you won't get another strategy given to you.

Top That
Set the fastest time in all 3 Practice sessions, take pole position and win the Grand Prix 

You should be able to get this on your first race in Career mode (depending on who you've picked; Mercedes is the best choice). Make sure the AI is set to Very Easy/Easy and once the Career is started just simply set the fastest lap times in P1, P2, and P3 + Qualifying (pole position), then win the race.

Small tip: During the Practice sessions if you believe you have the fastest time, you can simply pause the game and select "Retire from Session" to end it quickly.

Once you've completed the race, the trophy will pop once the game has saved.

Ultimate Challenge
Complete a race in Pro Career (12) 

Pro Career will have the assists automatically set to Elite, so you will be doing everything manual like the formation laps, manual starts, manually changing gear, no traction control, manual pitting and realistic damage. You will have no HUD, no mini map, and you will be placed in cockpit view mode.

For many, this would be a breaker and an extremely difficult trophy were it not for an easy exploit. For this, simply skip all the Practice sessions, then Qualifying. When the race starts try to get another driver to crash into the back of you which will force you to retire. This will count as 'completing' the race once the results screen comes up. Just don't get yourself disqualified. Credit goes to NoMedic and Darth_Krid for proving this.

Note: The above method/exploit seems to have been patched out quietly with plenty of users saying it doesn't work anymore. The only way now is to just finish the race.

If you want to try this legit, don't worry as you don't have to do it in one stint due to the new feature of saving in mid-session. Regarding the saving in mid-session, if you do crash make sure to quickly back out of the application otherwise it will overwrite the save.

If the race leader has finished his race yet you are like 10 laps behind, this wont matter. You will have around 3 minutes to complete the following lap you're on, then the race will be finished, and the trophy should unlock (providing you weren't disqualified) once the game has finished saving.

Few tips:


  • Don't do this all in one go, I would be highly against it. Do it in stints.
  • Choose any team, though you will probably want to choose a weaker team, and just concentrate on completing the race. If you choose a team like Manor Racing, for example, you will be placed near the back of the grid, so this way you can concentrate on your own race for those inexperienced.
  • Stay off the racing line as much as possible as the AI has been programmed to stay on it.
  • When being waved blue flags (telling you to get out of the way of front runners), use to look behind you as to where the other cars are on the track, so you can quickly get out of their way.
  • Changing gears is now your responsibility in Manual. To change up press and to change down press .
  • Only accelerate as soon as you are on the straight after exiting the corner otherwise you'll just spin out/spin your rears with no traction control.
  • SAVE - Try to save every 1-2 laps just in case the AI do wipe you out or you smack into a wall. Speaking of that, even the slightest of taps into the wall will cause ultimate damage.
Carefully Does It
Achieve a podium finish with damage set to 'Simulation' without damaging your car (2) 

Select Quick Race, then Brazil as it's the shortest track and there's plenty of run-off areas if you do get into difficulties. Pick Mercedes > Hamilton/Rosberg as you'll be placed on the front row of the grid. When you get to the settings make sure it's racing only + 3 laps, then head to Preferences > race settings > vehicle damage simulation. Just complete the 3 laps, and the trophy should be yours.

If an AI driver does hit the back of you at the first corner, you are fine to use a flashback and still get the trophy. One AI hit me, so I used the flashback and the trophy registered.

Not In The Corners
Politely ask your Race Engineer to stop talking to you out on track 

To do this you have to bring up the Multi Function Display via . Here you will be given a list of speeches to use, and you can find more by pressing . However if you press two/three times, you will see an option for "Engineer Quiet" Press the button on the D-pad, and the trophy will unlock.

Visual reference:

Time To Trial
Set a clean lap in any Time Trial 

See Time Flies for more information.

Time Flies
Set a clean lap in Time Trial at 10 circuits 

Simple enough. Just set clean lap times, which means not cutting corners. You will know when a lap time is invalid as the track radar goes red, and you will have a black and white flag next to that time.

Small tip: Complete 1 clean lap, then head back to the garage. Once in the garage press > manage sessions > car and track selection. From here you can sort your next track + weather scenario (if you've done your 5 wet laps, you can change it back to dry) instead of backing out to the main menu each time.

Blue Markings
Set wet times in Time Trial at 5 circuits 

See Time Flies for more information.

Save For A Rainy Day
Create and race your own weather scenario 

Quick race > any track + team + driver > weather & time of day [] > customise weather (any will do). Then complete the race.

Second Chance
Use a Flashback 

Simple enough. To use a flashback press the then press .

Saved The Day
Resume a race using a Mid Session Save 

It's probably wise to do this whilst in Free Practice in the garage. To save the game press > manage session > save or load a mid-session save. Once saved simply load that save up again from the menu.

Use the Multi Function Display to adjust your set-up while on track 

To use the Multi-Function Display (which is a new feature in 2016) on track simply press on the D-pad. Once it's open simply change either the front brake bias/differential (any will do).

Visual reference:

Taking It Online
Complete an Online Race 

See Winning Streak for more information.

Competitive Streak
Complete 5 Online Races (2) 

See Winning Streak for more information.

Winning Streak
Win a total of 5 Online Races (38) 

You can gain this legit or you can gain this from boosting. Boosting will be the easier option as you can make your lobby invite only, so just simply invite your friend and start trading wins. Any track will do, but if you want this done quickly choose Brazil or Monaco.

To make things faster have 1 person DSQ/crash their car to retire the race, then let the other person win.

To find a partner, use this thread:

Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!).

Saved Online Championship
Save an Online Championship (94) 

First off you will need to create an Online Championship. To do this head to Multiplayer. Once done, pick Custom Race > Multiplayer Championship. Once in the lobby select lobby options > session options > maximum players 2 (to lock out the lobby) > back out to lobby options > save/load settings. To save press .

A Truly Global Sport
Complete 10 laps at the new Baku circuit 

Baku located in Azerbaijan is the new track for F1 2016. It's 3.752 miles long, has 20 turns and one lap of the track can take you around 1 minute 40 seconds. The laps are cumulative, so you don't have to do it all in one go, but you can if you wish.

Brake For The Line
With Pit Assist disabled, perform 5 penalty free pit stops 

First off, you'll have to change pit assist from assisted > manual. Once that is done simply set a 25% race, then perform 5 penalty free pit stops. With it being manual, you'll have to keep the speed down before entering the pit lane and also don't forget to keep within the white line exiting the pit lane.

So You Think You're Fast?
Win a 25% + distance race against 'Ultimate' AI opponents (5) 

There are plenty of ways to do this, but by far the easiest of ways (especially for the inexperienced) is to make the weather light rain, as doing it this way you don't need to bother with fuel stops and DRS (Drag Reduction System) is disabled. The best track for this is Monaco as it is so narrow, thus there is only the home straight + the tunnel where other cars can overtake you on, but if you get good traction out the corners, you should be fine for the race.

Pick Mercedes as you'll be placed on the front row and thus start off with everyone behind you. Luckily, you can still use assists for this trophy; only the enemy AI difficulty has to be a certain setting. With it being Monaco and in the wet, it's highly recommended to at least turn damage off.

For the easiest way to get this trophy, see the following tip from mwtbh:


I was having a bit of trouble until I did this:

Monaco in light rain. Firstly, you don't have to worry about DRS (it's disabled) and secondly, you don't have to worry about being overtaken during pit stops (there aren't any). Doing it this way means you don't have to worry about being fast, just concentrate on being defensive.

As long as you can handle the conditions and get a good exit on the last corner (the pit straight was the only place the AI really tried to overtake me), it shouldn't be too much trouble.


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Europe August 19, 2016

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