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Disney Universe Trophy Guide
Guide By: conkervertex
There are 41 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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- Estimated trophy difficulty: 4 (difficulty poll)
- Offline: 41 (1 , 4 , 7 , 29 )
- Online: None
- Approximate amount of time to : 15-20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (You must play through each level twice for the platinum.)
- Number of missable trophies: None
- Glitched trophies: None
- Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
- Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats
- Extra equipment needed?: 4 controllers (All Together Now!)


Welcome to the wonderful world of Disney Universe! Your tour guide here is VIC, a perilous, blue computer cube that is suddenly hacked by his nemesis, HEX. HEX has now taken over Disney Universe and is spreading universal panic with the help of his evil robot minions! With no one else to turn to, VIC counts on you to stop the evil HEX and save the Disney Universe! It's time to Suit Up!

Disney Universe is a side-scrolling, 3D platformer that is pretty fun to play once you get used to how the game operates. The characters you choose from are those from famous Disney movies such as Aladdin, The Lion King, and Pirates of the Caribbean just to name a few. At first glace, you may think this game resembles LittleBIGPlanet, but it is quite different in it's own way. The trophies are fairly simple to get, but you may run into one or two that will give you a slight challenge. Overall though, I'd say this game is easy enough to platinum and enjoy.

Step 1 - Play through and clear all of the worlds, freeing the first Guest at the end of each location.

First thing's first: Go to the "Options" menu and turn Help Arrows OFF, then complete the first area. Once completed, you should unlock "Old School." After this is completed, you may turn the Help Arrows ON again if you like.

This playthrough is fairly simple: Just get through each level and clear every world so that you'll be familiar with each level's layout. There are six worlds in the game with three locations each and three levels within each location. At the end of the third level of each location, there will be a boss that you must defeat in order to free a guest that was locked up by HEX. Once freed, this guest will become a playable character back at the "Costumes" screen from the Main Menu - but for a price. Also, unlocking new worlds will cost money too (2,000 coins). Speaking of which, collecting money is important in this playthrough. I would hold off buying anything until the "Richer Than A McDuck!" trophy is unlocked. For this to happen, play through the first world twice (You're going to have to anyway).

It's also important that you work on kill and weapon trophies on this playthrough as well as playing & winning HEX's challenges. Also, I suggest that you find the hidden key that unlocks the chest in each area. Unlocking the chest will give your current character a Star that will increase his/her Level by 1. Your character's max level is 4, and once finished, you should unlock "Four Star Costume!" by the end of the first location. At the start of the next location (since your character is maxed out), switch to a different character and repeat this process. This will help cut the grind down for "Ultimate Cosmic Power!"

By the end of this playthrough, you should have:

  • Old School
  • Swash Buckler
  • Scary Feet!
  • Time for Tea!
  • It Means No Worries!
  • Returning to Earth
  • Hero of the Sands
  • Saviour of the Universe!
  • Four Star Costume!
  • Gold Hoarder
  • Richer than a McDuck!
  • Suit up!
  • Challenge Addict
  • For The Win!
  • The Bigger They Are...
  • Dizzy!
  • Time for a Diet!
  • Bad Dog!
  • Keep 'Em Coming!
  • Anti-Virus!
  • Giddy Up!
  • Freeze!
  • Boxing Clever
  • Bad Hair Day
  • Rapid Fire

Step 2 - Play through all of the worlds again, freeing the second Guest at the end of each level, collecting all the collectibles and completing each level with a Gold grade.

Here's where things get a bit trickier for you. Your second playthrough requires you to nab every collectible along the way as well as keeping your death count to a BARE MINIMUM. If you're playing alone (Which I hope you were doing this whole time), try to keep your death count under 3 per level. When fighting enemies, keep your distance and don't go button mashing into the fray. You'll end up dying (sometimes mysteriously) which will up your respawn count. Play through the first area of the first level without dying (since it's the easiest) to unlock "Unstoppable!" At the end of each level, you will fight the same boss again. The only thing that has changed this time around is the Guest that you need to free once the boss is defeated. Also, use that money that you have/still collecting and start unlocking the rest of the characters.

I would also play HEX's challenges again as well, just to help boost your grade. All of these factors (collecting money, killing enemies, HEX's challenges, stars, collectibles, and few deaths) will determine your grade at the end of each level. Fulfilling the requirements above will more than likely earn you a Gold grade at the end of each level. The hardest part of this playthrough is simply surviving. Dying a few times is okay as long as you're collecting stuff and killing enemies, but still, I wouldn't let my death count exceed 3 per level just to secure the Gold grade. After freeing the last guest, go to The "Costumes" menu and start buying character that you were unlocking during your second playthrough until all of the characters are unlocked.

By the end of this playthrough, you'll unlock:

  • Unstoppable!
  • Collector
  • Serious Collector
  • World Set Complete!
  • Compulsive Collector
  • World Beater
  • Champion of the Universe
  • Dressed for Success!

Step 3 – Level up all of the characters and clean up any remaining Single-Player trophies.

By now, you should only have a few more trophies to go before Platinum. If you haven't gotten any of the trophies listed above, do so now. This step will take a little time to complete, but shouldn't be too bad. Start Level 1-1 once again, collect the star from the chest and clear the area. You'd want to do this until your character's level is maxed out and then move on to the next. If you followed the roadmap above, collecting stars and switching costumes once they're maxed, you shouldn't have too many left to upgrade.

Upon completion, you should have the following:

  • World of Hurt!
  • Ultimate Cosmic Power!

Step 4 - Multiplayer

These should be the last bit of trophies before Platinum. All of them are quite easy to get and won't take you more than 20 minutes. However "All Together Now!" requires 4 controllers. I believe all of these obtained in the first area of the game. So there's no need to go further than that.

Your progress will lead you to the final six trophies:

  • Tag! You're it!
  • To Infinity... and Beyond!
  • Playing to Win!
  • Along for the Ride!
  • All Together Now!
  • Platinum Universe!


[PS3T Would Like to Thank conkervertex for this Roadmap]

Platinum Universe!
Collect all other trophies!  
Saviour of the Universe!
Complete all of the worlds.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. It will be unlocked once completing the final world.

Hero of the Sands
Complete the Aladdin world.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. It will be unlocked once completing the Aladdin world.

Time for Tea!
Complete the Alice world.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. It will be unlocked once completing the Alice world.

It Means No Worries!
Complete the Lion King world.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. It will be unlocked once completing the Lion King world.

Scary Feet!
Complete the Monsters, Inc. world.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. It will be unlocked once completing the Monsters, Inc. world.

Swash Buckler
Complete the Pirates of the Caribbean world.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. It will be unlocked once completing the Pirates of the Caribbean world.

Returning to Earth
Complete the WALL-E world.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. It will be unlocked once completing the WALL-E world.

World Beater
Get a Gold Grade for a world.  

See "Champion of the Universe"

Champion of the Universe
Get a Gold Grade for all worlds.  

This will be obtained on your second playthrough. Grades are based on how many enemies you've defeated, how many coins you collected, the number of HEX challenges you completed, stars you collected and number of respawns. I believe freeing the second Guest affects this grade as well as I have beaten a world on my first playthrough with no deaths and got everything and I still ended up with a Silver Grade. Doing the above must be done in every world at every location for the trophy to pop.

Collect all of the World Collectables within one level.  

See "Compulsive Collector"

Serious Collector
Collect all of the World Collectables within a location.  

See "Compulsive Collector"

World Set Complete!
Collect all of the World Collectables within a world.  

See "Compulsive Collector"

Compulsive Collector
Collect all of the World Collectables in the game.  

There are 27 collectibles in each world with 9 in each location and 3 in each level. This trophy requires you to collect all 162 collectibles in the game. As long as you're finding all 3 collectibles before moving on to the next level, you should be fine and it should nab you the trophies listed above as you search. They're not hard to find at all and most are within plain sight. Some may require a more thorough search, but nothing too hard at all. For boss rooms, be sure to defeat the boss first, then search. Without the boss around, it makes looking for anything you missed in that room easier to find. Once a collectibles guide is posted, I'll link it here.

Suit Up!
Purchase a costume.  

See "Dressed for Success!"

Dressed for Success!
Purchase all of the costumes.  

This will be done upon completing your second playthrough. By then, you'll have plenty of money to purchase everything. If not, go back to a level and farm for coins. Once all of the costumes become available, go to the "Costumes" menu and start purchasing all of the costumes. Once you purchase the last costume you need to buy, the trophy will pop.

Four Star Costume!
Fully upgrade a costume.  

See "Ultimate Cosmic Power!"

World of Hurt!
Fully upgrade all of a world's costumes.  

See "Ultimate Cosmic Power!"

Ultimate Cosmic Power!
Fully upgrade all of the costumes in the game.  

This is the grinder trophy of the game. You must upgrade every costume to the MAX level of 4. Each time you collect a star found in each area, the costume that you are currently using will level up by one. It is possible to fully upgrade a costume by the end of a location before moving on to the next, Once this is done, switch to another level 1 costume and repeat this process. By the end of your second playthrough, use your money to unlock the rest of the costumes, then start the first Pirates level, collect the star, reach the exit, then quit and repeat. This process will take a while, but nothing that should be too bad.

Challenge Addict
Play 50 Challenges.  
For The Win!
Win 50 Challenges. (3) 

The challenges that you need to play are indicated by HEX arcade machines that usually appear after you solve a puzzle or defeat a boss. Go up to the machine and activate it by pressing . Challenges usually have players either defeating enemies, dodging hazards, or collecting items. You must win at least 50 of these throughout your playthroughs for the trophy. If you still don't have 50 wins by the end of your second run, just start up the first Pirates level, win the challenge(s), reach the exit door, quit, then repeat. The challenges aren't really hard. In fact, some are really fun to play.

The Bigger They Are...
Defeat the Brute.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. The Brute will appear in the Pirates world and you must defeat him. Once defeated, the trophy will pop.

Defeat Roto.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. Roto will appear in the Alice world and you must defeat him. Once defeated, the trophy will pop.

Time for a Diet!
Defeat the Spawner.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. The Spawner will appear in the WALL-E world and you must defeat him. Once defeated, the trophy will pop.

Bad Dog!
Defeat the Bulldog.  

This is story related and cannot be missed. The Bulldog will appear in the Monsters, Inc. world and you must defeat him. Once defeated, the trophy will pop.

Gold Hoarder
Store 1,000 coins in the bank.  

See "Richer than a McDuck!"

Richer than a McDuck!
Store 10,000 coins in the bank.  

I played through the Pirates world twice before moving on through the game to get this trophy. Just keep collecting coins and don't buy anything until reach 10,000 coins stored and this trophy. Afterwards, you can start purchasing costumes and levels if you like.

Along for the Ride
Complete a level in multiplayer.  

See "All Together Now!"

All Together Now!
Complete a level with 4 players. (2) 

This trophy REQUIRES 4 controllers. However, one person is only needed to get it. This is best done on the first Pirates level. Complete the level as normal and alternate between controllers moving the players along until you reach the exit. You don't have to worry about staying alive here. You're just trying to get to the exit to get the trophy. So take your time here.

Playing to Win!
Defeat 5 players in a single level.  

Pick up another player by pressing and find a pit. Simply thrown them into it, defeating them. Repeat four more times and the trophy's yours.

To Infinity... and Beyond!
Defeat another player by throwing them.  

Pick up another player by pressing and find a pit. Simply thrown them into it, defeating them and the trophy's yours.

Keep 'Em Coming!
Defeat 100 enemies.  

See "Anti-Virus!"

Defeat 500 enemies.  

You'll have this well before your second playthrough. Just keep killing enemies and progress through the game. Eventually, this trophy will pop.

Giddy Up!
Defeat an enemy whilst riding an animal.  

This can be done on the first level. There will be an animal walking around behind the locked gate under the bridge. Simply use the cannon to free the animal and get on it by pressing . Once on, simply defeat an enemy and the trophy's yours.

Defeat 5 enemies using a single Snowman power-up.  

Power-ups can be obtained by grabbing the floating blue VIC cubes that are scattered throughout each level. The power-up are random and you must get the Snowman one for this trophy. Use it by pressing . The enemies will freeze in an ice block, but you're still not done. You MUST continue to hold until you shatter them. Do this five times in one power-up use for the trophy to pop. You can also get this trophy during HEX challenges as well.

Boxing Clever
Defeat 5 enemies using a single Power Punch power-up.  

Same as above, get the Power Punch power-up. Kill five enemies using this in one use for the trophy to pop. You can also get this trophy during HEX challenges as well.

Bad Hair Day
Defeat 5 enemies using a single Medusa power-up.  

Again, same as above. And just like the Snowman power-up, continue to hold until the enemy shatters. Kill five in a single use and the trophy will pop. Can also be done during HEX's challenges.

Rapid Fire
Defeat 5 enemies using a single Shooter power-up.  

This one was sort of misleading to me. When I used the space pistol, I killed five enemies in one use and there was no trophy. However, when I used the Elephant Gun, the trophy popped. The Elephant Gun is the only gun that will work, so use it.

Tag! You're it!
Transfer a curse to another player.  

Must be done with at least two players. While playing, a HEX cube will appear and start chasing the players. If it touches you, you will be cursed, Simply touch another player while you're cursed to pass it along to them. Once you do this, the trophy will pop.

Complete a level without respawning.  

This will be tricky at first, but your best bet to get this one is by playing the first Pirates level. When you start, just follow your objectives, avoid enemies and finish the level as quick as you can. Try to stay away from the enemies as you work because you could suffer from a one-hit kill. I would do this alone as well. If two or more players play, hazards like HEX cubes will show up and make things even worse. Time your jumps over the bridge to avoid falling and ignore the last group of enemies one the gate is open. If you reach the exit without dying, the trophy will pop.

Old School
Complete a level without using help arrows.  

I highly suggest you make this the first trophy you get as the help arrows will become VERY useful later on. Just go to "Options" and turn off the Help Arrows, then complete the first Pirates stage. Once you've earned your trophy, return to the "Options" screen and turn the Help Arrows back on again.

Game Info


US October 25, 2011
Europe October 28, 2011

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1-4
ESRB: Everyone 10+
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