Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (NA) (PS4 & Vita)

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (NA) (PS4 & Vita) Trophy Guide
Guide By: TheManUtdFan and themindisacity
There are 41 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 41 (26, 10, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 80-100 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 of the main story, plus multiple of the side content.
  • Number of missable trophies: None, because chapter select is available.
  • Glitched trophies: 0, but Veni Vidi Vici seems to be beneficially glitched
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Casino minigames must be S-ranked on Mean (chosen when you play the casino games). Trial difficulty does not matter.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, NA/EU/JP/Asia. PS4/Vita share lists and have Cross-Save functionality.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No

Everyone's favorite murder mascot is back, and he has placed sixteen new students in a deadly game of murder and class trials. Get your sleuthing skills on and figure out how to escape before you become the next to die! This is definitely a harder and longer Platinum than the other Danganronpa games, mostly because of the S-Rank trophies as well as the dungeon-crawling RPG post-game content. A lot of the post-game content trophies come down to luck and persistence. Don't give up - find hope in the despair!

Note: If you haven't already played the previous games in the series, we highly recommend you do so because major spoilers for those games in this one.

Step 0: Download the demo from the PS Store and play through it

This step is completely optional but it will give you several skills, items and a ton of Monocoins that will give you a leg-up in the game. The demo itself has nothing to do with the game so you won't actually be replaying anything when you get down to the game proper. If you skip through the text, the demo will take about a half an hour.

Step 1: Play through the game

Note that difficulty does not matter here but the higher the difficulty, the more Monocoins/white noise you will get in each trial. We recommend playing on Normal.

Simply play through the game. Don't worry about trophies; just enjoy the story! If you want to save some time, you can search for hidden Monokumas and/or work on obtaining all the alternate routes but this isn't necessary, as you will likely have to replay trials for Monocoins anyways. In fact, just close this Guide and come back when you're done as there are spoilers in the trophy list and Guide.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Ultimate Cold Open
Just According to Ronpa
From a Certain Point of View
A Very Special Class Trial
One Man's Trash..
Sweeps Week
Reach Out and Touch Wraith
Graveyard Slot
You Have to See It For Yourself
Virtual Remake
The Truth Is Out There
Signing Off
Class Trial of the Century
Goodbye Studio Audience

...and likely:

Veni Vidi Vici
King of Redecorating
Master Silencer

Step 2: Replay class trials to get all alternate routes

This is, of course, if you didn't do so in Step 1. Replaying class trials will also give you the needed Monocoins to buy all the presents in the Monomono Machine and unlock all the gallery items needed for a later trophy. You can have a maximum of 999 coins at once, so you may want to buy some of these early so you don't lose coins. Keep in mind there is a hidden Monokuma in each class trial as well, so make sure you get those this time around if you didn’t before.

Keep in mind that you must finish the trial in order for the alternate route to count; you can't just choose the alternate route and then quit out. Due to this, you should finish the trial, make a save, then you can quit to the menu (you don't have to do the post-trial dialogue and punishment again).

By the end of this step, you will have unlocked:

So What’s Wrong with Taking the Back Streets?
You'll Never Know If You Don't Go

Step 3: Collect all hidden Monokumas

Again, you may have done this during Step 1 if you kept an eye on the trophy list during your initial playthrough. If not, now is the time to collect the hidden Monokumas. If you still haven't found the hidden Monokumas in the trial minigames, note that once you’ve found the hidden Monokuma, you can quit out AFTER you’ve made a save. So finish the minigame and save during a point of dialogue, then you can quit the trial to save the Monokuma.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Hidden Challenge
Monokuma Wrangler

Step 4: Complete Love Across the Universe

After finishing the game, you will unlock the Love Across the Universe post-game content on the main menu. This is where you will be cleaning up your bond trophies and working towards seeing each character's unique ending.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Bond. True Bond.
You Need to Diversify Yo Bonds
A Bright Future Awaits Us

Step 5: Dungeon-crawling and Ultimate Talent Development Plan

From the main menu, select Ultimate Talent Development Plan and complete it. Doing so will give you a character to use in the dungeon-crawling minigame. You will want to make four characters before attempting the dungeon. Ultimately, you will want to reach Floor 100 of the dungeon; see Overcoming True Fear for more information. You will need to develop a lot of characters in Ultimate Talent Development Plan in order to achieve this, by purchasing cards from the Death Card machine using money and vouchers earned in the dungeons. You will need to play the Ultimate Talent Development Plan 53 times for Masterful Development - depending on your luck developing characters, you may end up doing this more times to get through all 100 floors of the dungeon.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

New Kid on Campus
Passing is Optional, Finishing is Mandatory
Masterful Development
That's All, Folks!
The First of Many
Reaching the Summit
Overcoming True Fear

Step 6: Casino time

You can access the casino from the Extras menu on the main menu, or during Free Time from Chapter 2 onwards. Either way, you will want to play each casino game to earn their respective trophies, as well as earning enough casino coins to buy the unique presents as well as enough keys to see everyone’s Hotel Kumasutra events.

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Casino Royale with Cheese
Lucky Number Seven
No Stopping This Outlaw
Fisher King
Monolithic Achievement

...and likely:

True Discipline Come from Within

Step 7: Shopping spree and cleanup

If you didn't already, now is the time to buy all the presents in the game, both from the casino as well as the Monomono Machine. You will also want to unlock all of the gallery items (purchased with Monocoins).

In terms of intimacy events, these are unlocked by reaching Shuichi's Level 5 bonds with all characters, and Kaede’s Level 2 bonds with all characters. Additionally, you will have to see the five special events (for having specific items in your inventory when you talk to specific characters during specific chapters; see V3 Complete) as well as spend a night with each character in Hotel Kumasutra using keys bought in the casino (see Giving It Up at the Hotel Kumasutra).

By the end of this step, you will have earned:

Giving It Up at the Hotel Kumasutra
We're More Like Present Protectors
V3 Complete

...and finally: Harmony's Last Reward ! Congratulations!

[PST Would Like To Thank themindisacity for this Roadmap]

Harmony's Last Reward
Acquire all trophies. 

As always, unlock all other trophies to get this hope (or despair)-filled Platinum. Puhuhuhuhu.

True Discipline Come from Within
Achieve the maximum level. 

You are very likely to get this without trying while cleaning up the rest of the trophy list. You will gain XP from simply running around the map but also from completing class trials, finding hidden Monokumas, successfully completing free time events and playing games in the casino. If you have finished the trophy list and still need XP, then find an area in the game and just walk/run around in circles.

Bond. True Bond.
Achieve the highest level bond with someone. 

See You Need to Diversify Yo Bonds.

You Need to Diversify Yo Bonds.
Achieve the highest level bond with everyone. 

Shuichi must achieve Level 5 bond with all other characters. This can be done via Free Time events during story mode but after finishing the game, you will also unlock the Love Across the Universe dating game on the main menu, which will also allow you to complete bonds (and you need to complete the dating game anyway for other trophies).

See below for a list of optimal presents to give each character. Note that you can repeat presents as often as you like - once they like it, they will always like it. This is good, because Shuichi, Ryoma, Gonta, Himiko and Kaede are the ones with the least amount of optimal presents.

Shuichi Saihara: 032 (Cufflinks), 037 (Travel Journal), 069 (Potted Banyan Tree), 077 (Clock-Shaped Game Console), 094 (Helping Yacchi), 106 (Dangan Werewolf), 111 (Gun of Man's Passion)

Kaito Momota: 014 (Rock Hard Ice Cream), 023 (Workout Clothes), 024 (Mono-Jinbei), 044 (Tennis Ball Set), 047 (Milk Puzzle), 059 (Plastic Moon Buggy Model), 061 (Hand Grips), 069 (Potted Banyan Tree), 080 (Aluminum Water Bottle), 095 (Home Planet), 098 (Hammock), 106 (Dangan Werewolf), 107 (Tentacle Machine), 110 (Fully-Automated Shaved Ice Machine)

Ryoma Hoshi: 016 (Candy Cigarette), 023 (Workout Clothes), 098 (Hammock)

Rantaro Amami: 002 (Boba Tea), 004 (Cleopatra’s Pearl Cocktail), 005 (Non-Alcoholic Drink of Immortality), 008 (Olive Oil), 009 (Astro Cake), 018 (Silver Earring), 019 (Crystal Bangle), 020 (Striped Necktie), 025 (Autumn-Colored Scarf), 031 (Ladybug Brooch), 032 (Cufflinks), 033 (Dog Tag), 037 (Travel Journal), 045 (High-End Headphones), 050 (Prop Carrying Case), 055 (Tattered Music Score), 059 (Plastic Moon Buggy Model), 062 (Commemorative Medal Set), 067 (Proxilingual Device), 068 (Gourd Insect Trap), 069 (Potted Banyan Tree), 077 (Clock-Shaped Game Console), 078 (Everywhere Parasol), 080 (Aluminum Water Bottle), 083 (Earnest Compass), 087 (46 Moves of the Killing Game), 091 (Space Egg), 094 (Helping Yacchi), 095 (Home Planet), 098 (Hammock), 102 (Rock-Paper-Scissors Cards), 104 (Someone’s Student ID), 106 (Dangan Werewolf), 109 (Cosmic Blanket)

Gonta Gokuhara: 013 (Bunny Apples), 020 (Striped Necktie), 032 (Cufflinks), 041 (Fun Book of Animals), 068 (Gourd Insect Trap), 075 (Steel Glasses Case), 080 (Aluminum Water Bottle), 094 (Helping Yacchi)

Kokichi Oma: 002 (Boba Tea), 009 (Astro Cake), 015 (Sukiyaki Caramel), 017 (Gyoza in the Shape of a Face), 032 (Cufflinks), 033 (Dog Tag), 035 (Book of the Blackened), 037 (Travel Journal), 047 (Milk Puzzle), 054 (Flame Thunder), 062 (Commemorative Medal Set), 073 (3-Hit KO Sandbag), 087 (46 Moves of the Killing Game), 088 (Monkey's Paw), 090 (Electric Tempest), 092 (Death Flag), 098 (Hammock), 102 (Rock-Paper-Scissors Cards), 103 (Perfect Laser Gun)

Korekiyo Shinguji: 004 (Cleopatra's Pearl Cocktail), 009 (Astro Cake), 028 (Nail Brush), 035 (Book of the Blackened), 037 (Travel Journal), 039 (Story of Tokono), 051 (Japanese Doll Wig), 055 (Tattered Music Score), 067 (Proxilingual Device), 071 (Dancing Haniwa), 086 (Pillow of Admiration), 087 (46 Moves of the Killing Game), 088 (Monkey’s Paw), 106 (Dangan Werewolf)

K1-B0: 024 (Mono-Jinbei), 025 (Autumn-Colored Scarf), 037 (Travel Journal), 045 (High-End Headphones), 056 (Indigo Hakama), 069 (Potted Banyan Tree), 077 (Clock-Shaped Game Console), 081 (Jelly Balls), 085 (Weathercock of Barcelos), 091 (Space Egg), 095 (Home Planet), 103 (Perfect Laser Gun), 106 (Dangan Werewolf), 113 (Dark Belt)

Kirumi Tojo: 003 (Ginger Tea), 004 (Cleopatra’s Pearl Cocktail), 006 (Ketchup), 007 (Sugar), 008 (Olive Oil), 019 (Crystal Bangle), 020 (Striped Necktie), 025 (Autumn-Colored Scarf), 032 (Cufflinks), 043 (Stainless Tray), 069 (Potted Banyan Tree), 079 (Three-Layered Lunch Box), 081 (Jelly Balls), 085 (Weathercock of Barcelos), 086 (Pillow of Admiration), 095 (Home Planet), 099 (Cleansing Air Freshener), 101 (Marigold Seeds), 110 (Fully Automated Shaved Ice Machine)

Himiko Yumeno: 048 (Illusion Rod), 054 (Flame Thunder), 066 (Bird Food), 069 (Potted Banyan Tree), 072 (Work Chair of Doom), 081 (Jelly Balls)

Maki Harukawa: 002 (Boba Tea), 028 (Nail Brush), 030 (Beret), 037 (Travel Journal), 041 (Fun Book of Animals), 049 (Hand Mirror), 073 (3-Hit KO Sandbag), 081 (Jelly Balls), 091 (Space Egg), 095 (Home Planet), 110 (Fully-Automated Shaved Ice Machine)

Tenko Chabashira: 002 (Boba Tea), 009 (Astro Cake), 023 (Workout Clothes), 024 (Mono-Jinbei), 026 (Hand-Knit Sweater), 032 (Cufflinks), 044 (Tennis Ball Set), 045 (High-End Headphones), 056 (Indigo Hakama), 061 (Hand Grips), 071 (Dancing Haniwa), 073 (3-Hit KO Sandbag), 074 (Sports Towel), 081 (Jelly Balls), 095 (Home Planet), 098 (Hammock), 113 (Dark Belt)

Tsumugi Shirogane: 009 (Astro Cake), 012 (Greek Yogurt), 019 (Crystal Bangle), 027 (Cheer Coat Uniform), 028 (Nail Brush), 043 (Stainless Tray), 050 (Prop Carrying Case), 051 (Japanese Doll Wig), 052 (Photoshop Software), 053 (Sewing Kit), 056 (Indigo Hakama), 069 (Potted Banyan Tree), 075 (Steel Glasses Case), 077 (Clock-Shaped Game Console), 085 (Weathercock of Barcelos), 091 (Space Egg), 099 (Cleansing Air Freshener), 104 (Someone’s Student ID), 106 (Dangan Werewolf)

Angie Yonaga: 004 (Cleopatra’s Pearl Cocktail), 005 (Non-Alcoholic Drink of Immortality), 009 (Astro Cake), 010 (Bubble Bomb Gum), 012 (Greek Yogurt), 014 (Rock Hard Ice Cream), 018 (Silver Earring), 019 (Crystal Bangle), 024 (Mono-Jinbei), 028 (Nail Brush), 030 (Beret), 031 (Ladybug Brooch), 036 (Feelings of Ham), 039 (Story of Tokono), 046 (Teddy Bear), 048 (Illusion Rod), 058 (Gold Origami), 067 (Proxilingual Device), 069 (Potted Banyan Tree), 071 (Dancing Haniwa), 081 (Jelly Balls), 084 (Semazen Doll), 086 (Pillow of Admiration), 088 (Monkey’s Paw), 089 (Art Piece of Spring), 091 (Space Egg), 095 (Home Planet), 101 (Marigold Seeds), 107 (Tentacle Machine), 110 (Fully-Automated Shaved Ice Machine)

Miu Iruma: 013 (Bunny Apples), 015 (Sukiyaki Caramel), 021 (Bondage Boots), 022 (Ultimate Academy Bracelet), 029 (Wearable Blanket), 039 (Story of Tokono), 042 (Latest Machine Parts Catalog), 052 (Photoshop Software), 059 (Plastic Moon Buggy Model), 067 (Proxilingual Device), 072 (Work Chair of Doom), 076 (Robot Oil), 077 (Clock-Shaped Game Console), 090 (Electric Tempest), 097 (Sparkly Sheet), 105 (Bear Ears), 107 (Tentacle Machine), 110 (Fully-Automated Shaved Ice Machine)

Kaede Akamatsu: 045 (High-End Headphones), 055 (Tattered Music Score), 063 (Metronome)

We're More Like Present Protectors
Collect every present. (2) 

There are 143 presents in the game. 83 are from the Monomono Machine, 33 are purchasable from the Premium Exchange Counter at the casino (2 of which are unlocked in the Love Across the Universe sidegame), 16 for maxing out all of the bonds with Shuichi, 10 for completing the game and one for a playthrough of the Ultimate Talent Development Plan.

The Monomono Machine works exactly the same way as before: Put a minimum of 1 Monocoin in the machine, putting in more lowers the chance of repeats. The best way to go is to put in one coin at a time up until 50%-75% chance of repeats, then put in more coins to lower the chance of repeats, saving and reloading to save your coins in case you get a repeat (though sometimes repeats are beneficial; see You Need to Diversify Yo Bonds).

As for the casino ones, you will need at least several hundred thousand coins. If you master one of the minigames then you can get 90k profit every 2 minutes or so, thus allowing you to quickly get all of the coins you need. See the minigame S-Rank trophies for tips on those. Also see You Need to Diversify Yo Bonds. for tips on maxing out bonds.

Just According to Ronpa
Refute an argument. 

Story related and cannot be missed.

You will be refuting arguments many times over the course of the game but for this one you just have to do it once. This will unlock early in the first class trial.

Master Silencer
Shoot down over 500 white noise. 

White noise first appears in the first class trial. They are pinkish lines that will block your truth bullets if they obstruct a statement. They appear on all difficulties but not as much on lower difficulties. To shoot down white noise normally, you need to hover over it and press . However, if you are on Vita, there is a skill called 'Point Blank' that allows you to use the rear to destroy them, which is a lot quicker. If you import a demo save file, this will be available to you from the start. If not, you can obtain it from the Casino Premium Exchange Counter starting from Chapter 2.

Either way, if you shoot the white noise whenever you come across it, you should get this trophy naturally. If not, replay a class trial from late in the game and just keep shooting white noise until the timer nearly runs out, then repeat until you get the trophy.

From a Certain Point of View
Present false evidence.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this during the first trial, as you will be required to use a Lie Bullet during the trial. See You’ll Never Know If You Don’t Go for more information.

Hidden Challenge
Find a hidden Monokuma. 

See Monokuma Wrangler.

Monokuma Wrangler
Find every hidden Monokuma. 

There are 5 hidden Monokumas in each chapter, excluding the prologue. They can be found in regular rooms, corridors, outside, plus there is one in a minigame in each class trial. Excluding the trial and final chapter ones, you can obtain them all in Free Time but you can only find them in the correct chapter. See below for a location of all of them (spoiler warning for locations later in the game).

For the hidden Monokumas in the trials, you can quit the trial (assuming you've already cleared it) after you make a manual save so finish the minigame the Monokuma is in, save during dialogue, then you can exit back to the main menu.

These are in shelf order, not necessarily the order you can collect them in (this only matters for the hidden Monokumas in Chapter 6).

If the trophy does not unlock once you've collected the last hidden Monokuma, then go back to the shelf in Shuichi's room and interact with it to see a short cutscene with all the hidden Monokumas; it should unlock then.

Chapter 1:

#01 - 1F, in the lounge area near the gate to the next hallway (leading to the gym)
#02 - 1F, girl's bathroom, on the sink
#03 - Courtyard, in the patio/trellis area outside of the Dormitory
#04 - Basement - Game Room - back right corner of the room
#05 - TRIAL - Hangman's Gambit (after naming the blackened) - in one of the random bubbles (it's black)

Chapter 2:

#06 - 1F - Warehouse - left set of shelves, just up and right of the monitor
#07 - 3F - Relaxation Space - under one of the benches
#08 - Courtyard - From the school entrance, turn right and walk down the sidewalk. Stop when you hit a right hand turn next to a sign and giraffe-pattern tiny fences (to the right is the other entrance to the dining hall). The Monokuma is behind one of the fences.
#09 - Courtyard - Ultimate Inventor Lab - Knock away everything on the right side of the room - he's hiding behind them
#10 - TRIAL - Psyche Taxi - Round 3 - in the right lane

Chapter 3:

#11 - Courtyard - Back Yard - (This is the building with the manhole cover) - it's in the middle of the room
#12 - Courtyard - Shrine of Judgment - right in front of the door
#13 - Casino - On the right side of the Hotel Kumasutra
#14 - 2F - Ultimate Pianist Lab - under the piano
#15 - TRIAL - Mind Mine - Hidden in there (placement is random). If you have the "Safety First" skill, equip it during this trial.

Chapter 4:

#16 - Courtyard - Ultimate Aikido Master Lab - just to the left when you get inside
#17 - Basement - In the alcove next to the stairs leading up, on a desk
#18 - 2F - Square hallway after Ultimate Maid Lab - on one of the balcony rails
#19 - Courtyard - Dormitory - on the stairs
#20 - TRIAL - Second Hangman's Gambit - in a black bubble

Chapter 5:

#21 - Courtyard - Ultimate Robot Lab - between the back wall and the circular platform in the middle of the room
#22 - 4F - on top of one of the statues opposite the stairs leading up to 5F
#23 - 5F - on the ground just outside the Ultimate Detective Lab
#24 - 5F - Ultimate Cosplayer Lab - on top of the filming set on the left (with the red and purple curtains)
#25 - TRIAL - Psyche Taxi - Round 2 - second from left lane

Chapter 6:

#26: 5F - on the spiral stairs leading up to Ultimate Astronaut Lab. If you look at the numbers on the wall while climbing, he's closest to the 5F one (must be bond level 2).
#27: Courtyard - Exit the school and turn left. Follow the walkway around the pool and he'll be on a missile on the left (must be bond level 1).
#28: 1F - Facing the new stairway, he's floating behind the right gate. You still need to go around to collect him; you can't grab him from behind the bars.
#29: 5F - on the balcony railing opposite the staircase near the cosplay lab (must be bond level 1).
#30: TRIAL - Mind Mine - hidden in there (placement is random). Safety First skill recommended.

King of Redecorating
Slap around objects at least 1,000 times. 

Slapping around objects in the game will give you Monocoins (and possibly XP) so it is in your interest to do this while playing. You can only slap around objects in rooms where you can't move i.e. not in hallways when travelling from room to room. You will be taught how to slap objects early in the game - slappable objects consist of desks, chairs etc. If there are multiples in a room, there's a good chance it's a slappable object. As long as you're slapping objects in every room you're in, you will get this fairly early on in the game. If you've neglected to do so, then the classrooms have a good amount of desks and chairs to slap around.

V3 Complete
Unlock the entire gallery. 

You must unlock and purchase everything in the extras menu: Event Gallery, Movie Gallery, Artwork Gallery, BGM Gallery and Intimacy Events. It will cost you a ton of Monocoins but keep in mind that you can only hold 999 Monocoins at once. As there is no trophy this time for having the maximum amount of Monocoins, we recommend unlocking some gallery items after every chapter, then spending all your Monocoins on gallery items once you have obtained everything you can from the Monomono machine. We recommend playing on Mean and using the Financing skill in class trials when you obtain it (through maxing out Maki's bond); this way you can get over 800 coins per trial.

90% of the gallery will unlock via natural progression of the story. The majority of the rest will come from bonds, secret events and love key events. For the Secret Events, there are several items you will need to keep in your inventory and not give away to access CG scenes needed for this trophy. The game is nice enough to even warn you of this in the item descriptions. These are all obtained in the Monomono machine. If you have the item and speak to the correct character, the item will be removed from your inventory and you will be automatically sent to the special scene during Free Time. This is in the order they appear in the game, not necessarily the order the presents are listed in.

  • 028 Nail Brush (Tsugumi, Ch. 1, the morning after you go to the library for the first time in this chapter but before the first free time so you will need to start chapter from the start if replaying for this. She's next to the girls' bathroom. If you imported the demo save file before starting the game, you will automatically have this item in your inventory).
  • 078 Everywhere Parasol (Tenko, Ch. 2, after you unlock all of the new areas and have to go to the gym, talk to her before going to the gym. She's by the exit to the courtyard. You will have to start from the start of the chapter).
  • 062 Commemorative Medal Set (Miu, Ch. 2, the morning after the training session, she's on the patio section outside. You can start from free time).
  • 111 Gun of Man's Passion (Himiko, Ch. 3, when you get summoned to the gym by the Monokubs, she is outside the main entrance. You can start from free time).
  • 113 Dark Belt (Himiko, Ch. 4, the morning after the first night in this chapter, she’s outside. You can start from free time).
  • 112 Pure White Sword (Kaito, Ch. 4, the morning after the previous event, he's right outside the dormitory).

You will also need to get to Level 5 bond with every character with Shuichi. Additionally, you'll have to get to Level 2 bond with every character with Kaede, which is only possible in Chapter 1. You can start from free time, and there are 4 free time slots. Miu is only available during the first two slots, and Angie’s Level 2 event is only available in the last two slots. See You Need to Diversify Yo Bonds. for a list of optimal presents.

Finally, you must see every character's Hotel Kumasatra event. See Giving It Up at the Hotel Kumasutra for more information on that.

Secret Trophies
Ultimate Cold Open
Clear the prologue.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

The prologue introduces you to all of the new characters and sets up the rest of the game. The trophy will unlock after you get a memento for completing the chapter.

A Very Special Class Trial
Clear Chapter 1.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

The trophy will unlock after the murderer is punished and you receive a memento item. See below for the answers the Class Trial (major spoilers!):


Rantaro’s Belongings -> "Rantaro was masterminding"

Korekiyo's Account -> "never went to the library"

3) Cospox

Maki's Account -> "Rantaro's the only one who left" (Kaito)

Sliding Door -> "with that sliding door"

Choose the projector screen on the back wall

Moving Bookcase -> "no obstacles"

Hidden Door Photos

Card Reader Dust -> "inside the hidden door"

Front Entrance Photos -> "rejoin everyone"

Stacked Books


2) The security sensor going off

Hidden Door Photos -> "the moving bookcase"

[LIE] Receiver on Shuichi -> "also had the receiver"

Debate Scrum: Intervals, Alibi, Together, Receiver, Lie

3) The camera flash

3) To lure the mastermind closer

Kaede Akamatsu

Lookout Classroom -> "We know that it was in the library"

Hangman’s Gambit: Vent (Note: there is a hidden Monokuma here in a black bubble)

Stacked Books -> "it started rollin' on its own"
ALTERNATE ROUTE: [LIE] Library Vent -> "don't lose sight of the truth"

3) Miu Iruma

3) When she was leaving the classroom

Promotional Video BGM -> "The library shoulda been quiet"

1) Backpack

Argument Armament: Kill The Master Mind

Closing Argument:

Page 01 - Kaito, Gonta and Tenko
Page 02 - Bow to Miu Iruma
Page 03 - Several shot put balls in the wooden box
Page 04 - Prop the vent grate up
Page 05 - Open the encyclopedia / Turn on the flash function
Page 06 - Security sensor receiver goes off
Page 07 - Classroom vent
Page 08 - Rantaro notices the flash
Page 09 - Killing game promotional video
Page 10 - Bookcase returns to its original position

Sweeps Week
Clear Chapter 2.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

The trophy will unlock after the murderer is punished and you receive a memento item. See below for the answers the Class Trial (major spoilers!):


Monokuma File 2 -> "and he was eaten alive"
ALTERNATE ROUTE: [LIE] Water tank trick -> "the Underwater Escape was no trick!"

1) Before the show started

Water Tank Trick -> "secret hatch"

Wet Staircase -> "would have been water"

3) She changed her uniform

Gonta's Account -> "no one saw anything"

Square Glass Pane -> "body and piranhas were separated"

Crammed Piranhas

1) Yesterday, before nighttime

Witnessing Ryoma

Kokichi's Account -> "did not stay at the gym?" (Keebo)

1) Miu Iruma

2) Maki Harukawa


Kokichi Oma

[LIE] Maki Alone -> "prove that this meeting took place"

Debate Scrum: Announcement, Missed, Rules, Tank, Off-limits, Testimony

3) The ladder doesn’t reach the window

Pool Rules -> “only place that fits is the pool”

Scratched Sink

Scratched Handcuffs

Choose the window

Psyche Taxi: Lab window, Gym window, From window to window
(Note: the third round has a hidden Monokuma in the right lane)

Choose the rope

Tennis Net Cable

Hangman's Gambit: Ropeway

Mind Mine: Inner Tube

3) It was nighttime

Kirumi Tojo

Alibis for yesterday -> "could have been done by anyone"
ALTERNATE ROUTE: [LIE] Alibis for yesterday -> "I believe most of us do not have one".

Marked Window Frame -> "but there is no evidence"

Black Piece of Fabric

Argument Armament: Kirumi's Gloves

Closing Argument:

Page 01 - (None)
Page 02 - Metal handcuffs in water
Page 03 - Piranha tank lid/Carried the rope
Page 04 - Gym's window frame and rope
Page 05 - (none)
Page 06 - Handcuffed victim
Page 07 - Rubber inner tube
Page 08 - Hanged inner tube
Page 09 - Friction on the glove
Page 10 - Piranhas swimming in tank

Graveyard Slot
Clear Chapter 3.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

The trophy will unlock after the murderer is punished and you receive a memento item. See below for the answers the Class Trial (major spoilers!):


Necronomicon -> "did work"

Tsumugi’s Account -> "broke in"

Kokichi's Lockpicking -> "Only Student Council members" (Kokichi)

2) The back door

Mind Mine: Katana (There is a hidden Monokuma here; find it before picking the Katana!)

Psyche Taxi: Katana's Hilt, Stabbed into Effigy, Spinning it

1) Korekiyo, Shuichi, Himiko, Kokichi

Choose back left corner of the floor

Hole in the Corner -> "our villain had a light"
ALTERNATE ROUTE: [LIE] Keebo's flashlight function -> "used that function to get under the floor"

White Sheet -> "moment cage was lifted"

Marker Stone -> "sitting in there"

Tenko Chabashira

[LIE] Tenko's last moments -> "with the last of her strength"

Sound During Seance -> "heard something fall"

Loose Floorboard

Crosspiece Under The Floor -> "stomped on it"

Hangman's Gambit: Seesaw Effect

3) The top of the cage


Bloody Kokichi -> "other rooms maybe trapped"
ALTERNATE ROUTE: [LIE] The Caged Child -> "steered her into picking that room"

Magic Circle Korekiyo Drew

Korekiyo Shinguji

2) Touch

Hangman’s Gambit: Magic Circle

Choose any of the lines coming out of the circle

White Sheet -> "I had no opportunity"

Debate Scrum: Kiyo, Angie, Lab, Blackened, Rule, Mystery

Dried blood under the floor

1) It happened before the séance

2) Angie Yonaga

Necronomicon -> "She wanted a candle"

Forehead Injury

Bloody duct tape -> "No evidence anywhere"

Korekiyo Shinguji

1) The murder of Angie Yonaga

Argument Armament: Removed floorboard

Closing Argument (right to left):

1: Cut crosspiece under the floor
2: The removed floorboard
3: Stuck duct tape
4: Removed the gold leaf katana
5: Stabbed Kaede's effigy
6: Hit the spinning lock
7: Kokichi's lock picking
8: The small stone Himiko brought
9: Sickle placed to kill
10: Shuichi extinguishes the flame
11: The path made with salt
12: Stomp hard on the floorboard
13: Footsteps contaminating the scene

Virtual Remake
Clear Chapter 4.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

The trophy will unlock after the murderer is punished and you receive a memento item. See below for the answers the Class Trial (major spoilers!):


Small Bottle of Poison -> "poisoned her"
ALTERNATE ROUTE - [LIE] Small Bottle of Poison -> "poisoned her" (be careful, make sure you're firing a lie bullet)

Killing Game Simulator

Miu's Corpse -> "strangulation"

Toilet Paper

Killing Game Simulator -> "tear"

2) Miu Iruma

Miu and Kokichi’s Meeting -> "secretly met up with someone"

1) Kill Kokichi

Psyche Taxi: Miu Iruma, The Virtual World, To divert attention

Log In/Out Record -> "Miu couldn’t have placed the poison"

Cell Phone

Tsumugi’s account -> "at the chapel"

Wall Added by Miu -> "A hidden route that only Miu could use"

Miu's Avatar -> "She's not just an object"

Loud Noise

Mind Mine: Signpost in lake

Psyche Taxi: River, Chapelside, Mansionside, Against the current

Wall added by Miu

3) Downstream and upstream connect

2) They're the same wall

Hangman's Gambit: World Loops

Choose the squiggly line in the middle


4) Miu hitting the wall

Hangman's Gambit: Slid off roof (There is also a hidden Monokuma in a bubble!)

Lattice near the Chapel -> "nothing like that around"
ALTERNATE ROUTE- [LIE] Signboard used as a bridge -> "nothing like that around"

Kokichi Oma

Mind Mine: "Also, I never went to the roof, not even for the meeting"

[LIE] Kokichi in the Salon -> "in the salon the whole time"

Setting on Kokichi's Avatar -> "kept strangling her no problem"

Debate Scrum: Culprit, Sweetheart, Rooftop, Entrance Hall, Monokuma, Kokichi, Miu

2) After logging out of the Virtual World

Avatar Error

Hangman’s Gambit: Memory Loss

Mass Panic Debate: Device Instructions -> "there was no glitch" (Kaito)

2) They couldn't access the crime scene

1) He was logged out

2) We have solid alibis

3) He couldn’t have killed Miu

Gonta Gokuhara

Argument Armament: Toilet paper discovered outside of mansion

Choose the telescope

Closing argument (right to left):

1: Blue cord on the right Red cord on the left
2: Bottle of Poison
3: Map of the Virtual World
4: Threw the signboard into the river
5: Kaito Momota (top right)
6: Shuichi Saihara (top middle)
7: Tsumugi Shirogane (bottom middle)
8: The culprit (bottom left)
9: The cell phone
10: Kaito Momota logged out
11: Miu smuggles in a hammer
12: Toilet paper that doesn’t tear
13: Lattice used like a sled
14: The binoculars and toilet paper

Signing Off
Clear Chapter 5.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

The trophy will unlock after the murderer is punished and you receive a memento item. See below for the answers the Class Trial (major spoilers!):

Part 1:

Kokichi's clothes -> "no evidence"

2) The sleeve on the jacket

Kaito's coat -> "put his arms through"

Safety function -> "Kaito got crushed to death"
ALTERNATE ROUTE - [LIE] Murder video -> "Kaito got crushed to death"

Swipe pattern bloodstain

Choose the hole on the coat sleeve


Bathroom Window -> "from inside the hangar"

K1-B0's Account -> "empty-handed"

Crossbow -> "didn't even use" (Himiko)

2) Kaito Momota

Kokichi's Clothes

2) Kaito Momota

Debate Scrum: Exisal, Injury, Crushed, Arrow holes, Mastermind, Alive

Three Arrows -> "only one arrow'

Psyche Taxi: One, No, A third party. (There is a hidden Monokuma on the second lane on the left while collecting letters for the second question!)

Hangman's Gambit: Exisal

Used Electrohammer -> all the hammers were recharging
ALTERNATE ROUTE - [LIE] Hatch’s Electronic Lock -> "getting inside one would've been impossible"

Maki Harukawa

Poison -> "wouldn't result in a fatal"

4) All of us


2) The control panel being damaged

Electrobomb -> "100% certainty"

3) Disable the press's safety function

2) Kaito's cause of death

Hydraulic Press

2) It is not possible

3) Watching him

Murder Video

Hangman’s Gambit: Victim

Hydraulic Press -> "hydraulic press stopped"

Mind Mine: Force Stop Button

Mind Mine: Camera

Choose the yellow platform next to the press

3) The other person in the hangar

Hangman's Gambit: Victim Helped

Kaito Momota

Argument Armament: Pretended to drink the antidote

Closing Argument (right to left):

1) Assembled the Crossbow
2) Hit the exisal
3) Kokichi's right arm
4) An exisal inside the hangar
5) Kokichi's back
6) The culprit’s left arm
7) The only antidote
8) Electrobomb
9) Drink the antidote...
10) Three arrows
11) Trail of blood
12) The culprit in the press
13) Kokichi in the press
14) Kokichi's clothes flushed down the toilet

[LIE] Kokichi’s disappearance -> "Kokichi's the one who died"

Goodbye Studio Audience
Clear Chapter 6.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

The trophy will unlock after the murderer is punished and you receive a memento item. See below for the answers the Class Trial (major spoilers!):

3) Retry a past case

2) Ultimate Survivor

3) Survivor perk

Survivor Perk Monopad -> "Rantaro himself"

Final Picture of Rantaro -> "didn't bring the survivor perk"

Psyche Taxi: 2, Survivor Perk Monopad, Hidden room, Mastermind

The sixth Monokub -> "How would they know what's happening in the library"

3) Mastermind

Shot put ball with fibre -> "Kaede had it"

2) The Mastermind took it

Clues to the Mastermind -> "17th person is the Mastermind"

3) A participant of the killing game

2) Alibis for Rantaro's murder

Hidden Room Passageway -> "I couldn't have killed Rantaro" (Tsumugi)
Motherkuma's voiceprint system -> "There's no evidence"

Tsumugi Shirogane

Closing Argument (right to left):

1) The people in the dining hall
2) Shuichi runs
3) Rantaro lured to the camera
4) Right above Rantaro's head...
5) Mastermind peeks out
6) The survivor perk
7) Can you recycle a shotput ball?
8) Hidden passageway in the bathroom

History of Hope’s Peak -> "just a high-school girl"

History of Hope’s Peak -> "ultimate despair"

History of Hope’s Peak -> "recruitment of talented students"

Kokichi's Motive Video

Hangman's Gambit: Implant

3) It is fictional

Hangman’s Gambit: 53

Mind Mine: Team Danganronpa (There is a hidden Monokuma here as well)

2) Fictional Characters

3) Normal people

Select no when prompted to save, then yes

3) Audience Survey

Hope -> "despair" (all of them)

Hope -> "despair"

2) You participate in the next killing game

[LIE] Hope -> "hope"

Use our lives -> "we revolt against the outside world"

Use our lives -> "going to end Danganronpa"

Ignore the non-stop debate, Hangman's Gambit, Psyche Taxi and multiple choice question by letting the time expire

Argument Armament:

Fiction can change the world
The killing game is wrong
It's not pointless, our lives are our weapon
We'll end Danganronpa with our own hands

Don't vote - just let the timer run out

One Man's Trash...
Unlock new areas inside the academy.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this early on in Chapter 2. If you can't find where to use the items to unlock new areas, check your map.

Reach Out and Touch Wraith
Conduct the seance.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this midway through Chapter 3.

You Have to See It For Yourself
Enter the Virtual World.  (1) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this early on in Chapter 4.

The Truth Is Out There
Learn the truth of the outside world.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this late in Chapter 5.

Class Trial of the Century
Attend the final class trial.  

Story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this midway through Chapter 6.

Veni Vidi Vici
Perform a V-Refute, V-Agree, and V-Lie. (1) 

During non-stop debates during the class trials, you may notice a specific target spot that sort of looks like an X. You have to hold / to see them at first but later you can get a skill to see them automatically. If you time your bullet so it hits that spot when it breaks apart the statement, you will earn the V-bonus - depending on the type of bullet/statement, it will either be V-Refute (using a truth bullet to refute a lie), V-Agree (using a truth bullet to agree with a statement) or V-Lie (using a lie bullet to perjure yourself).

This trophy is currently glitched in a good on both the PS4 and Vita, as it will unlock when only one of the V-bonuses is obtained (which in our case was the V-Refute bonus).

So What's Wrong with Taking the Back Streets?
Take an alternate route during the Nonstop Debate. 

See You'll Never Know If You Don't Go for more information.

You'll Never Know If You Don't Go
Take every alternate route in a Nonstop Debate. 

"Alternate route" basically means to lie to move a debate forward when you don't have to (i.e. you also have a contradiction/agreement bullet that can be used). Every trial has one or two instances when you are required to lie to move the debate forward. That's still on the main route, and does not count towards this trophy.

To ready a lie bullet, you must hold down until the bullet color changes (it takes a second or two - time it accordingly!) then release to fire it. You will be able to double-check your success at the end of trial summary screen; at the bottom it will say "back route" and list a section number.

These are only present during the nonstop debates - no other time. We have removed as many spoilers as possible from the dialogue but there is still a minor spoiler for Chapter 3. You must complete the trial and make a manual save to save the back routes!

Chapter 1:

Second Half - During the non-stop debate after playing Hangman's Gambit
Dialogue: "Don't lose sight of the truth".
Bullet: Library vent

Chapter 2:

First Half - First nonstop debate
Dialogue: "The Underwater Escape was no trick!"
Bullet: Water tank trick

Second Half - Nonstop debate after choosing the blackened
Dialogue: "I believe most of us do not have one."
Bullet: Alibis for yesterday

Chapter 3:

First Half - During the nonstop debate after confirming who attended the seance and picking out a spot in a picture.
Dialogue: "Keebo could have used that function to get under the floor"
Bullet: Keebo's flashlight function

Second Half - During the first nonstop debate
Dialogue: "What if someone steered her into picking that room?
Bullet: The Caged Child

Chapter 4:

First Half - During the first nonstop debate
Dialogue: "That's when you poisoned (victim), right?
Bullet: Small bottle of poison (this is the same dialogue/bullet combination for the main path; make sure you've shot the lie bullet!)

Second Half - Nonstop debate after the first Hangman's Gambit (there's a hidden Monokuma in this gambit too)
Dialogue: "There was nothing like that around, though!"
Bullet: Signboard used as bridge

Chapter 5:

First Half - During the nonstop debate after finding out who the missing member of the debate is
Dialogue: "(Victim) got crushed to death".
Bullet: Murder Video

First Half - After playing Psyche Taxi and doing the anagram game
Dialogue: "So getting inside one would be impossible".
Bullet: Hatch's electronic lock

There are no alternate routes in Chapter 6.

Giving It Up at the Hotel Kumasutra
Use the Love Key to spend the night with a student. 

You will unlock the Hotel Kumasutra and the ability to use Love Keys at the start of chapter 2. However, they cost 10,000 casino coins each. One regular coin can be exchanged for 10 casino coins, and they can be gambled on the slot machine or mini games. When you first unlock the casino, the amount you can gamble is feeble so the keys are not feasible to obtain until you unlock normal and mean difficulty later in the game to grind coins. For minigame tips so you can grind coins, please see the relevant trophies.

When you get your hands on 10,000 casino coins and then the Love Key at the Premium Exchange Counter, continue playing until the next time you go to sleep. In most cases, you will be woken up by Monokuma and will get an explanation about the Love Key. Choose to use it and you will receive a scene with one of the other characters. For the gallery, you will eventually need to see every character’s scene but you will unlock this trophy after using the first key.

The Hotel Kumasutra events are also accessible in the Love Across the Universe sidegame. Whether you access it via story mode or the sidegame, make sure you save before using the key. This because the character you are paired with is random and just because you've spent the night with one character, doesn't mean you won't spend the night with them again.

The quickest way to be able to save/reload is to do this in the Love Across the Universe sidegame. Between playing a casino game and purchasing gifts at the exchange counter, there is a single dialogue box that tells you that you can buy gifts. Save during this dialogue box, then buy the key. You will bypass Monokuma's lecture about the Love Key (provided you've seen it before) and it is the last point where you can save before using the Love Key.

No Stopping This Outlaw
Achieved an S-Rank on Mean difficulty in OUTLAW RUN. 

You first unlock Mean difficulty for minigames in Chapter 4. Outlaw Run is based off Psyche Taxi from the trials. The objective is to run over as many people as possible in order to rack up points, avoiding the cars. Each person is worth 10 times your combo, to a maximum of 100 points each. The point requirement for an S-Rank on Mean is 20,000 so you need an extremely good run in order to hit that.


  • The positioning of the people to run over is the same every time, so 90% of hitting 20k points is down to practice.
  • Make sure you never break your combo, which is where the practice comes in.
  • Along with people, there is a blue Monokid to run over who speeds your car up, which allows you to get to the larger groups later in the road before the time runs out. They appear in random positions. Practice controlling your car when you hit one so you can keep your combo up and hit as many people as possible.
  • There is also a green Monokid which earns you 100 points times your combo to a maximum of 1000 points. These are also in random positions so if they are in bad positions it can break your run.
  • If you hit another car, you have no chance of hitting 20000. If you even lose your combo, your chance of hitting the S-Rank lowers dramatically.
  • You can get a boost start by hitting accelerate exactly on the 'GO' instead of holding it early. It's not required but if you are close, it can make a difference.
  • In the area where there’s a two lane road with two people every so often, if you're perfectly in the middle you can often hit both for extra points.
  • Not a minigame tip but a tip on how much to gamble. You have two options here: gamble minimum if you're not confident, since you get XP for playing minigames. Alternatively, you may choose to save your game, bet maximum then reload your save if you lose money and save if you make money. You need a BBB to break even, A or higher to make a profit. S-rank pays out 10x your stake, thus you will make 90k profit when you eventually hit the S rank and 1.5x-4x your stake for every close call, which will go a long way for purchasing everything you need for other trophies.
Fisher King
Achieved an S-Rank on Mean difficulty in SALMON FISHING. 

You will unlock Mean difficulty for minigames, in Chapter 4. Salmon Fishing is based off Hangman's Gambit v3 from the trials. This is the easiest of the three minigames but can cause issues if you don’t know the best way to go about it. Instead of letters you have three different fish colours, red, blue and green. You have to scan to find out the colour of each fish. The point requirement is 4700.

The trick for this is knowing the pattern - the three colours are always in groups of three. Always try and remember where one of each colour is at all times. If the first two colours are red then green, the next one will always be blue, if the fourth and fifth are blue and green, the next will always be red, and so on. If you know where one of each colour is, you can spam the last of the group before the prompt even comes on screen. Once I understood this pattern, I got the S-Rank first time. Just make sure not to mess up by choosing the wrong colour or a bomb, if you break your combo in the middle you won't get the S-Rank.

There are also the chance of bonus Monokids showing up and if you grab one, you get 1,000 bonus points (though we smashed the S-Rank requirement without getting one). This will also break the pattern (but not the combo) so watch out for that. The Monokids are tied to bomb fish, which can make this tricky but if you catch a Monokid, you won't lose your combo (like you would with a regular bomb fish).

For how to gamble, see No Stopping This Outlaw.

Monolithic Achievement
Achieved an S-Rank on Mean difficulty in TREASURE HUNTER! MONOLITH. (1) 

You will unlock Mean difficulty for minigames, in Chapter 4. Treasure Hunter Monolith is based off Mind Mine from the trials. Unfortunately, this is by far the most frustrating minigame as it is based on both skill and a good deal of luck. The objective is to remove colour groups to uncover fish bones and Monokids, worth 500 and 1,000 points respectively, with 5 points per block removed. The blocks touching the removed blocks will change colours. The point requirement is 4,900.

Some tips:

  • Before anything else, don't rush. If you rush, you don't have a chance to get the score. You need to think a couple steps ahead to fully uncover the treasure and even then it is often not enough. There's no bonus points awarded for finishing quickly so you would do well to use as much of the allotted 10 minutes as possible.
  • The colour cycle is White-Red-Yellow-Blue, though I found it easier to look at the dots on the blocks.
  • Start from the corners, you are less likely to mess up straight away this way. As tempting as big clusters may be, make sure they don’t leave any stranded blocks before removing them. Picking off the board slowly is the best option, you don't get any bonus points for large clusters, there is more risk removing them and it is hard to think ahead when many blocks are being altered at once.
  • If you have an incredible amount of patience, take a photo of the board (it seems that screenshots are disabled) and figure out your strategy beforehand.
  • There is also an excel macro around that allows you to practice and records the moves you make so you can repeat them on the real thing. LINK You will need excel, plus you'll need to change your pc to Japanese. If it's worth the effort to you, it can be a big help. The rest you can work out from watching the video. Thanks to blissfulyoshi for the extra information.
  • You tend to get about 900-1,000 points total from removing blocks, meaning you need to get about 4,000 from the fish and kubs. There are 7 fish bones and 2 Monokubs, meaning you can miss 1 Monokub and a fish, or 3 fish at maximum. This is a lot less lenient than it sounds - it is very easy to miss them since one block can mess you up.
  • Honestly, we can't give you many tips beyond these beginner tips - the knowledge on ideal moves to make are impossible to put into words and will purely come from experience after many replays of the minigame.

Unfortunately, after all that, there is still a great deal of luck involved. Some boards will be easier to clear than others, and you will often find yourself one block off uncovering an item through seemingly no fault of your own, just the way the colours were initially arranged. Through persistence you will eventually make the score.

Again, see "No Stopping This Outlaw" for gambling tips.

Lucky Number Seven
Get all 7s on the MonoMono Slots. (2) 

Also in the Casino are 5-reel slot machines. This one is also luck-based but requires a lot less effort to do. You’ll have to get 5 7s in a line, though wilds also count towards the trophy, making this a lot more bearable. You can bet on a maximum of 7 lines, each line requiring a bet of one casino coin. The best approach is when you have excess coins, just go on the slots and spam . This will constantly bet on all 7 lines then spin until you get lucky. It can take anywhere from one spin to hundreds. Since it's possible to get the trophy with one 7 and four wilds in a line, it’s a lot easier than it could be.

Casino Royale with Cheese
Own more than 10,000 casino coins. (1) 

Note that you must have 10,000 coins banked at once; this is not cumulative, though numerous items required for the plat require more than 10,000 coins on their own anyway. By far the best way to get coins is to play the minigames on mean difficulty, if you are good enough. If you can master Salmon Fishing or Outlaw Run, you can make 90,000 coins every 2 minutes if you bet max. See the S-Rank trophies for tips on each minigame.

A Bright Future Awaits Us
Reach the true ending in "Love Across the Universe." 

Love Across the Universe is unlocked after finishing the game once, billed as a dating sidegame. Think School/Island mode from the previous games but without the tedious item collection and creation stuff.

Each character has 10 hearts you need to get. Unlike previous games, the first five hearts are related to the bond level, and the last five are for taking the characters on dates. As in previous games, you get a choice of where to go and a choice of activity - there are great, good, poor and bad options, the great option giving you the maximum. Some hearts can sometimes take 2 dates to level up despite only having great dates, meaning it takes five to seven dates per character. Occasionally you will also have Harmonious Heart, a mini version of the non-stop debates, where you have to affirm or deny each character's statements.

Date tickets are purchased from the Casino for 100 coins each, which you get to visit once a night. You can also only play one game a night so it is recommended you have enough coins for everything before you start. You can also buy an energy drink for 50 coins. This gives you 3 free time slots a day, rather than 2. There are 10 days, so you have 30 dates per playthrough. Additionally, sometimes a character will ask you on a date, which does not consume a free time slot, nor does it use up a ticket.

If you get great everyday ("Good, it seems like we both had a lot of fun"), you will have to go on a minimum of 90 dates. This means you will have to have to play Love Across the Universe a minimum of three times to obtain the true ending, in addition to any playthroughs you do while obtaining max bonds (if you'd rather cut down on playthroughs of Love Across the Universe, keep doing Free Time in Chapter Select). The true ending is accessible when you have maxed the affection meters of all the characters in the game. Talk to Monokuma (he's at the door leading into the main building) to look at your progress with each character but you will want each character to have broken the top line (ten hearts pushing them to the top). In contrast to the previous games, these hearts carry over through different playthroughs. Once you've done so, you will be able to access each character's individual ending at the end of the playthroughs and once you’ve seen all of them, you will automatically be shown the true ending.

For a guide on the best options to choose on dates, see the supplement guide here: LINK

New Kid on Campus
Complete the Ultimate Talent Development Plan with one student. 

The Ultimate Talent Development plan is a board game where you level up and gain skills for characters for use in the RPG mode, which is unlocked alongside this trophy. You also have interesting interactions with characters from all 3 Danganronpa games. At the start, you will have normal cards of all of the Danganronpa V3 students, though later through the RPG mode you can unlock characters from the previous games and stronger versions of the cards which level up and gain skill fragments much faster. For much more information on the board game, see Passing Is Optional, Finishing is Mandatory and Masterful Development.

For this one, just finish the board game once with any character, don't worry about passing the exams because you won’t be able to at the beginning and they are not required to graduate; just make sure to get to the goal on the first two years, or you’ll be automatically thrown onto a bad board for the next year (though you can still use a Change Course card if you have one; you will not be able to choose which board you are transported to though). You do not have to hit the Goal for the third and final year, unless you’re going for Passing Is Optional, Finishing is Mandatory.

Note that when your character reaches Level 99, their stats will stop increasing. Additionally, try to have a Success Card in your inventory whenever possible (Mikan, Izuma and Byakuya hand them out or the Monokubs will randomly give them to you), as it will automatically give you a successful Monokub surgery (random event) which greatly boosts all stats. You can still pass the surgery without the card but I'd estimate it actually has a 70-80% chance of failure (and failure reduces stats).

Passing Is Optional, Finishing is Mandatory
Clear the final exam of the Ultimate Talent Development Plan. (1) 

This will be nearly impossible to do without using a U card, preferably a sports based one. It would be even easier to do when you have more U cards but do note that there is an element of randomness to the party you are given to fight with.

At the end of each year, you have a turn based battle against monsters. The first two years are easy to beat but the third year exam, consisting of three battles is a lot tougher. For the battles you have yourself and three random teammates consisting of characters from the same game as the character you are using. The best card you own of your random teammate will determine whether their level is 15, 45 or 99, hence why having more than just one Ultimate card is ideal. You can start getting the U cards out of the Death Card Machine upon reaching F31 in the RPG (though the chance is slim at that point) and you will get a guaranteed U card after the F50 boss; by then the chance will be 5% out of the machine.

Regardless, one of us managed to beat the final exam with one level 99 U Tenko card (any sports-based U card will do), with Falcon Kick, Zeal, Skill Power Up and Awakening maxed out, and the other managed it with a Level 99 Monokuma with a maxed Sword Stab and Falcon Kick). The other teammates were all S cards. I would alternate Zeal and Falcon Kick to one shot each enemy one move at a time, while defending with the others and reviving if necessary. If you can't manage it with one U card and 3 S cards, the only benefits are this trophy and some extra skill fragments so feel free to wait until you have most or all of the U cards (required for platinum anyway) before worrying about beating the final exam.

To actually get the card to that point, I chose the normal course once then the talent course the next two times. Always prioritise getting round the board first, as if you don’t, you will be put on the despair course for a year which will practically destroy your advancement, and you won’t be able to take the exam that year. After that, I used cards to attempt to jump to the double level/skill fragments squares where I could in order to improve the character quicker.

Masterful Development
Complete the Ultimate Talent Development Plan with every student, regardless of rarity. 

For this one, you have to complete the Ultimate Talent Development Plan 53 times - once with every student. 18 from Danganronpa 1, 19 from Danganronpa 2 and 16 from Danganronpa V3. Thankfully, you only have to do it once per student and not for each of their 3 cards. Still, this is a massive grind. You will have to get all of the Danganronpa 1 and 2 cards first (V3 normal cards are unlocked from the start). You get these from the Death Card machine, the currency for which you get from playing Despair Dungeon: Monokuma's Test. You just have to reach the goal of the final year for this to count as completed, you don't have to worry about the final exam, though see above if you want tips.

We recommend only completing the Ultimate Talent Development Plan for U Cards on Danganronpa 1 and 2, to help keep things manageable - there is no inherent benefit in developing non-U cards from the other games (as you are most likely to just be playing with the Danganronpa V3 characters during your initial forays into the dungeon).

The First of Many
Defeat the first boss of Despair Dungeon: Monokuma's Test. 

This is the first trophy of the RPG mode, earned after defeating Monokumasect on F10. The first 20-30 floors regular enemy wise are pretty simple, as long as you have a full party so run 4 characters through the board game before starting on the RPG. They won't be a high level nor will you be able to give them many skills but they will do for the start. Two sports type students with attacking skills and two variety students with support skills seems to work well through the entirety of the RPG. You can probably one shot regular enemies for a while either way so how you level up your N cards doesn't matter too much. Explore and open chests for gold and potential gear to equip on your party. You can also craft gear but you shouldn't need to bother with that until later, saving gold for new cards. Make sure to use the elevator every 5 floors. It gives a place to return to at anytime, plus leaving and returning will recover your influence and focus as well as revive any fallen party members. Don't waste focus on weak regular enemies either, save it for the boss.

If you have a dedicated mage character, the Fog skill is your friend. As you don't level up while playing through the dungeon, combat is often not worth the effort. This is because plenty of gold is provided in treasure chests and all duplicate cards you may get from the card machine, are automatically turned into crafting materials.

As for the boss, he is fairly straight-forward. He shouldn’t take much at all to beat even with just N cards.

Reaching the Summit
Clear Despair Dungeon: Monokuma's Test. 

'Clearing' the Despair Dungeon, requires reaching F50 and defeating Monokoppa.

Before that, you have 40 floors between the last trophy and this one. You should start finding guaranteed S cards in chests at F15 or so, you will find them every 5-10 floors at first, then will find them more often in floors 40-50. You will also have a 7% chance of pulling an S card from the Death Card Machine upon reaching F21, rising to 14.5% then 24% on floors 31 and 41 respectively. You will also have a tiny chance of getting U cards starting from F31, though it is so unlikely it may not be worth trying to get them yet. As you get S cards, play through the board game with them and replace your N cards in your party.

I stuck with two sports cards and two variety cards. I gave the sports students Falcon Kick, Zeal, Awakening Up and Skill Power Up, then the variety students Recover Influence, Fighting Spirit, Cure Condition, Elemental Barriers (give them different ones) and Defense Up. Credit to SecretFoo on PSNProfiles for strategy. This helped me deal with all of the bosses fairly easily. Cycle Zeal and Falcon Kick with the sports students and defend with the variety ones, except to revive, cure conditions and to put up elemental barriers.

If you're willing to spend a bit of time on character development, another excellent strategy is to bring a party that has Absorb Focus skills. Like you, the bosses all have a set amount of Focus they can use to execute special attacks - once that Focus is gone, they are all surprisingly weak when it comes to their physical attacks. You can still use Absorb Focus even if your characters’ Focus is full. Note that this strategy only works on the V1 and V2 versions of each boss - once you get to the Floor 50 boss, it and all subsequent bosses seem to have unlimited Focus.

There is a boss on every 10th floor, plus optional Exisal bosses on a couple floors too (they are worth defeating for the loot but you're very likely to have to come back with stronger U characters - they are on Floors 25, 45, 48, 75, 95 and 98. On Floor 49, you will fight the first four bosses again in sequence. These don't respawn so you don’t have to defeat them all in one go if you're willing to play through floors 45-49 again. Monokoppa is a bit trickier than the previous bosses but nothing that the tactic above can't handle. If you're really struggling, you can blow your gold in an attempt to get U cards; you will get plenty more gold later on. You will be able to max out their level and all of the skills mentioned above. After defeating Monokoppa you will find that your journey is not yet over but you will have this trophy.

Overcoming True Fear
Defeat the hidden boss in Despair Dungeon: Monokuma's Test. (1) 

The hidden boss is on Floor 100, and on your journey there, you will have to fight powered-up versions of the bosses you encountered on the first 50 floors. These are tricky but nothing that U cards with the skills mentioned in Reaching the Summit can't handle. If you explore the dungeons, you will come across many guaranteed U Cards in chests, plus the chance to get them from the Death Card machine increases.

The U cards have an additional benefit of having an extremely good chance of successfully running from battles. We got bored after 60-70 floors and only fought compulsory bosses afterwards.

The hidden boss is after Monokoppa V3 on Floor 100, and is a tricky battle even with the tactic above. On turns 1 and 7 he gives you a despair debuff and on turns 4 and 10 he gives you a confuse debuff, which is impossible to counter except by curing it. On all other turns, he either does a critical hit on one of your party, does a normal attack which damages your whole party or does a wind attack which damages your whole party.

If you use the recommended setup of skills, give your sports cards the best katanas you can craft for high damage, and your variety cards the best staffs you can craft for high fortitude (dodge chance). Your two sports cards should constantly be repeating Zeal then Falcon Kick for massive damage, using Awakening on Falcon Kick whenever it is available. On turns 1, 4, 7 and 10, use Cure Conditions with one of your defence characters, and cast Wind Barrier with the other. On other turns, defend with them unless you need to revive or heal. Always have at least one person defending to prevent a team wipe. Even after all of this, you can be unlucky and get defeated regardless. For example: If one of your defence doesn't dodge confuse. Keep trying with this tactic and you will defeat it eventually.

Here is the party that one of us defeated the boss with:

For alternate strategies by members, see here: LINK and here: LINK, thanks to SpadesOfDarkness and OniJsan

That's All, Folks!
Obtain all the Ultimate cards. 

For this one, you have to obtain every available card - all three variations for each character. This is actually easier than it sounds; the Death Card machine will max out at F9 and you will have roughly a 35% chance of obtaining each card type every time you draw. By this point you should also have a ton of gold and numerous guaranteed S and U cards from looting chests. Now it's just down to luck whether you get the cards you are missing or not. I didn't fight normal enemies for the last 30 floors or so and I had more than enough gold to get all of the cards by the end of the RPG.

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