Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 (Vita)

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 (Vita) Trophy Guide
Guide By: Moosh
There are 14 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (1 with guide)
  • Offline trophies: 14 (11, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-4 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 4. Best Buddies , Local Call , I Call It The Dreamatorium , and Super-Charged Potpourri Easter Egg
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: n/a
  • Do trophies stack?: n/a
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats


Following straight on from the first episode, this instalment concludes the mystery surrounding La Maledicco and in true Broken Sword style has George and Nico bumping into old friends and visiting exotic places. Packed with puzzles and suspense, enjoy!

Step 1: Play the game, keeping in mind the missable trophies.
All you have to do is play through the game solving the puzzles as you go. I have included a walkthrough in spoiler tags for each stage of the game in the respective trophy description. I'd recommend only using these if you are really stuck, as the game is more enjoyable if you solve the puzzles on your own. However before playing, I'd suggest making sure that you remember the requirements for Best buddies , Super-Charged Potpourri Easter Egg , I Call It The Dreamatorium and Local Call as these are very missable. Enjoy the game!

[PST Would Like to Thank Moosh for this Roadmap]

Secret Trophies
Order of the Goat
Outwitted the goat  

Story related, cannot be missed.

As Nico
Pick up the helmet (to the left)
Talk to George
Combine Helmet + Mop
Use Mop with helmet on crumbled wall

As George
Try to pick an apple, the goat will charge at you and knock you down
Interact with Apple tree, then quickly move left.
Combine Apple + Goat
Combine Provenance + Goat
Combine Marques' Scribbled Photograph + Goat
Combine Rich Tea Biscuit + Goat
Combine Apple + Goat
Combine Apple + Bottles
Pick up Tyre
Combine Apple + Pile of Apples
Pick up Side Mirror

Bons Hommes
Found the route the fleeing Cathars took  

Story related, cannot be missed.

As George
Combine Side Mirror + Sun

Talk to the Old Man
Subject: Gun
Subject: Handshake
Subject: Marques

Talk to the woman (Eva)
Subject: Gun
Subject: Woman (Eva)
Subject: Marques
Subject: La Maledicció

Pick up Green statue (far left)
Interact with door
Pick up Broken Green Statue
Exit to Great Hall
Exit through door (to the right)

Pick up Blue Statue (to the right)
Pick up Broken Blue Statue (on the fountain)
Enter through door
Investigate Mantelpiece
Investigate La Maledicció
Look at Bearded Man
Look at Young Man
Combine Blue Statue with right Plinth
Combine Broken Green Statue with left Plinth
Look at Marques' Family Photograph
Look at Simeon's Papers
Rotate left Plinth so the Broken Green Statue faces towards the wall
Rotate right Plinth so the Blue Statue faces towards the room

As Nico
Talk to Ramon
Subject: Ramon
Subject: Wolfram
Subject: Xavier
Subject: Gehnen x2
Subject: House
Subject: Library

Exit through door (right)
Exit to car
Interact with Goat
Trophy unlocked Best Buddies

Interact with Car door
Combine Press Card + Radio
Trophy unlocked Local Call

Look at Sardine Can Keys
Interact with Pillow
Pick up Ramon's Book
Exit to fountain
Investigate Wind Chime
Look at Sardine Can
Pick up Key
Enter Great Hall
Exit to Cloisters (left door)
Use Castell Library key + Library Door
Investigate trunk
Pick up Map

As George
Look at the Statues
Look at the left Glass Lens
Investigate the left Glass Lens
Rotate the disk until the colour is Green
Interact with Leather Cover
Investigate the right Glass Lens
Rotate the disk until the colour is Blue
Interact with Leather Cover
Combine Safety Matches + Candelabrum
Combine Medallion + Candelabrum

X Marks the Spot
Discovered the hiding place of Tabula Veritatis  

Story related, cannot be missed.

As George
Pick up La Maledicco
Look at the top left shield/coat of arms on the wall
Exit to Cloisters
Investigate Map
Place a pin on Monsegur
Place a pin on Berga
Place a pin on Sant Roman
Investigate Trunk
Pick up Hat
Pick up Shirt
Pick up Folded note
Read Telegram from your inventory
The telegram can be deciphered as follows:

Investigate Map
Place a pin on Girona

Hot Wire
Got the cable car working  

Story related, cannot be missed.

As George
Look at Bullet Hole
Interact with Bullet Hole
Exit to Stairs (to the right)
Interact with Door
Interact with Door again (after cutscene)
Walk left
Look at Glint (on Cable Car)
Interact with Telescope
Move Telescope to Cable Car
Look at Glint
Move Telescope to Cliffs
Look at Rock Face
Use Car Mirror on Glint
Interact with Telescope
Interact with Door
Interact with Cupboard
Pick up Lunchbox
Combine Lunchbox + Cogs
Interact with Lever
Pick up Lunchbox
Combine Radio + Cupboard
Combine Paper Clip + Jam (by the lunchbox)
Combine Paper Clip + Matchbox Containing a Cockroach
Investigate Hatch
Combine Rich Tea Biscuit + Prongs
Combine Matchbox Containing Cockroach + Front (of hatch)

The Truth to the Grave
Found the Tablet of Truth  

Story related, cannot be missed.

As George
Interact with Chapel Door
Talk to Duane
Subject: Duane
Subjeft: Pearl
Subject: Santa Cova
Subject: Prayer

Pick up Wood Shavings
Combine Wood Shavings + Flowers
Combine Potpourri + Eau de Toilette
Trophy unlocked Super charged potpourri easter egg
Combine Super Potpourri + Builder's Mug (to the left)
Combine Safety Matches + Builder's Mug
Interact with Toolbox
Pick up Turpentine
Combine Turpentine + one of the Paint Cans
With the Hammer equipped hit the objects on the scaffold in the following order:

  1. Oil drum
  2. Paint can (containing turpentine)
  3. Oil drum
  4. Fire extinguisher
  5. Paint can
  6. Oil drum

Interact with Crank Handle
Combine Safety Matches + Candelabra
Combine Side Mirror + Candelabra
Combine Yarn + Candelabra
Interact with Crank Handle
Talk to Pearl
Subject: Pearl
Subject: Statue
Subject: Santa Cova
Subject: La Maledicco
Combine Mason's Hammer + Altar
Pick up Candle
Combine candle + Recess
Combine Safety Matches and Recess
Interact with Ouroboros
Look at Bottemless Pit
Combine Mason's Hammer + Figment of Imagination
Combine Mason's Hammer + Imaginary Malicious Denizen

Look at Stone Object
Combine Match + Stone Object
Investigate Table
Pick up Artefact

I Call It The Dreamatorium
Won a battle in your own mind  


Once you go through the secret passage in the chapel you will be in a dark room. You need to view the bottomless pit, use the mason's hammer with the figment of the imagination and imaginary malicious denizen before interacting with the stone object. See The Truth to the Grave for a more detailed walkthrough.

Gravity Depravity
Got rid of the guards blocking your path  

Story related, cannot be missed.

Pick up Map
Combine Gehnen's Map + Lamp
Pick up Photograph
Combine Gehnen's Photograph + Tabula Veritatis
The message should read: Begin Sun City Travel Five Day East

River Travel South Six Day Desert Source Four River

Investigate Lamp
Combine Medallion + Filigree Frame (top)
Interact with Statue until it is facing to the right
Interact with Secret Button
Combine medallion + Filigree Frame (bottom right)
Interact with Statue until it is facing to the left
Interact with Secret Button
Combine Medallion + Filigree Frame (bottom left)
Interact with Statue until it is facing the room
Interact with Secret Button
Pick up the Medallion
Exit the room

Combine Revolver + Langham
Exit to the Balcony
Interact with Drain Pipe
Move down
Combine Radio + Drain
Combine Mason's Hammer + Guard

Philosophy 101
Persuaded Shears to help you  

Story related, cannot be missed.

Enter the Chapel (from Balcony)
Exit the Chapel
Combine Yarn + Door
Interact with Door
Ineract with Window Catch

As Nico
Talk to Shears
Subject: Free Will
Subject: Shears
Subject: Football
Subject: Determinism
Subject: Henri
Subject: Redmeption

Have a dream  

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will unlock after the cutscene once you've earned Philosophy 101 . There are no extra walkthrough instructions for this trophy.

Cry Havoc!
Let slip the goats of war  

Story related, cannot be missed.

As George
Exit to Path
Look at Back of Truck
Pick up Knapsack
Combine Knapsack + Shears
Pick up Dynamite Sticks
Pick up TNT
Pick up Fuse Wire
Pick up Dynamite (sausage)
Pick up Duct Tape
Pick up Petrol Lighter
Combine the Sausage + the Fuse Wire
Combine the Dynamite Sausage + the Goat
Combine Lighter + Goat
Pick Figs from the tree
Combine Figs + Guards
Combine Figs + Bottom of Path
Combine Figs + Path

What Just Happened There?
Saved the world!  

Story related, cannot be missed.

As George
Combine Lighter + Dark Hole twice
Combine Lighter + Dead Bush
Combine Eau de Toilette + Dead Bush
Interact with Ladder

Talk to Langham
Subject: Tabula
Subject: Tree
Subject: Sword

As Nico
Interact with Ladder
Combine Dynamite + Large Crack

Local Call
Chilled out to Radio Yorkshire  


Near the beginning whilst sitting in the old car as Nico, you need to use her press pass on the radio to listen to it. This is missable as you don't need to complete this action to progress in the story. See Bons Hommes for a full walkthrough.

Super-Charged Potpourri Easter Egg
Nearly made Pearl faint with heavenly delight  (1) 


You need to make sure to combine the flowers with the wood shavings and eau de toilette when making the potpourri for Pearl. You can progress through the story without adding the flowers but you will miss this trophy if you do so. See The Truth To The Grave for a full walkthrough.

Best buddies
Chatted to the goat  (3) 


As George, you need to feed the goat a variety of items. The items you need to feed him are apples, Marques' Scribbled Photograph, Provenance and the Rich Tea biscuit. DO NOT FEED HIM THE FLOWERS as you need these for another missable trophy. Later, as Nico, you will need to interact with the goat. Once you've done both of these things the trophy will unlock. See Order of the Goat and Bons Hommes for a full walkthrough.

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US June 03, 2014

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