Axiom Verge (EU) (PS4 & Vita)

Axiom Verge (EU) (PS4 & Vita) Trophy Guide
Guide By: Jerry Appleby
There are 30 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: (6.5, personal estimate is 5/10)
  • Offline trophies: 30 (21, 8, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-25 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2+
  • Number of missable trophies: 6: Overclocked, Mostly Invincible, Hacker, Low %, Pacifist, and Mercy
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you need at least 1 playthrough on hard mode.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No. In fact for this game, passwords are a game mechanic used to get to hidden items.


Welcome to Axiom Verge, easily one of my favourite indie games to ever arrive on PS4! If you’ve played any Metroid games on older Nintendo systems, this game will feel right at home for you! Even if you have never played Metroid before, it’s still a great game that needs to be played! The game is a classic Metroidvania game. The game is a 2D platformer/shooter/exploring game, meaning that the game won’t tell you where to go. You also must find items in order to progress further and sometimes backtrack to other areas in order to progress through the game.
Overall it’s a very fun game, it will be difficult in some parts and you won’t always know where to go, but that’s the fun in games like this!

The trophies will make you do everything in the game, from just simply beating the game, to getting 100% completion, and even trophies for speedrunning and finishing the game with a low completion %. As a result, playing through the game from start to finish without looking around for collectibles will not reward you with many trophies. So it’s in your best interests to explore as much as you can, especially after getting all the upgrades. Also most of the missable trophies are all really easy to get, but one trophy, namely Hacker, is quite tough, so make sure you hack every enemy you see so you know you will get the trophy. 2 boss fights (Ukhu, and final boss Athetos) have an enemy you need to hack, so if you kill the bosses without hacking the smaller enemies, you will negate the trophy. A small note about bosses, as they get closer and closer to death they turn a dark red colour and attack really fast. So you can use their speed and colour to indicate if you’re close to defeating a boss!

This guide will work on both the PS4 and Vita versions of the game, but some controls are slightly changed. If you see the PS4 button listed in the guide the corresponding Vita controls are listed here:
on PS4 = on Vita
on PS4 = on Vita
on PS4 = pressing the top left corner of the on Vita
on PS4 = pressing the top right corner of the on Vita


Step 1. Play though the game on hard mode, while trying for 100% completion (optional, see step 2), as well as getting a few missable trophies and hacking all the enemies at least once. Don’t worry if you die, you will die many times throughout the game on hard! For the most fun, don't use the guide until you beat the game (except for the missable ones), as it will be a lot more entertaining to explore and find your way around!

Trophies unlocked:

Pacifist (Missable)
Mercy (Missable)
Hacker (Missable)

Step 2. Go for 100% items and 100% map completion, find a secret world, and other miscellaneous trophies. Note that secret worlds are not needed for 100%, so simply find one and then leave the area when the trophy pops. Check the collectibles guide here.

Trophies Unlocked:

100% Items
100% Map
100% Weapons
100% Tools
100% Health
100% Notes
100% Power
Secret World
Bubble Breaker
Brick Breaker

Step 3. Start a new game on Speedrun mode on normal difficulty, aim for a fast time under 4 hours, under 40% item completion, and do this without dying.

Trophies Unlocked:

Overclocked (Missable)
Mostly Invincible (Missable)
Low % (Missable)

Step 4. (Optional) Clean up. Start a new game and get any trophies you may have missed.

Trophies Unlocked:


[PST Would Like to Thank Jerry Appleby for this Roadmap]

You have fulfilled your legacy. 

Self-explanatory, get all the other trophies to unlock this platinum trophy.

Defeat the Xedur variant.  

Story related, cannot be missed. You will get this trophy after beating the first boss of the game, located in Eribu.

Since it’s the first boss of the game, he’s fairly easy to beat. He starts out by flying back and forth, spamming little balls towards you. Just avoid them and stay under him and spam shots at him with any gun. Later in the fight he starts to drop little bombs around the place. These are very easy to avoid, so just use this opportunity to fire a bunch of shots into him, he should go down fairly easily!

Defeat the Telal variant.  

Story related, cannot be missed. You will get this trophy after beating the second boss of the game, located in Absu.

This boss is also quite easy to beat. Just jump onto the small platform in the air in front of you. From here just jump over the bullets he fires, and fire your gun into his brain on his top and back of his head. The gun you start with works best here. You won’t need to move anywhere, just stay on the platform and just keep jumping to dodge his attacks.

Defeat the Uruku variant.  

Story related, cannot be missed. You will get this trophy after beating the third boss of the game, located in Zi.

This is my favourite boss fight. You weaken him by shooting him in the face, but he also has a ton of weapons that he fires at you, so you will need to take out his laser and a few other weapons in order to beat him.
To start, equip your starting gun, and jump up to the ledge on the left. From here, you can just aim straight ahead to take out his laser. When he fires the laser at you, jump up to the floating platform above you, the laser will miss you, then just drop down and take out the laser.
Once the laser is gone, jump to the very top platform, and use your disruptor to uncover a hidden platform in front of you. Jump on this platform and from here you can take out all his cannons on his head. After those are gone, just stay on that platform and aim diagonally downwards and shoot his face until he dies. (Hold in order to lock your position so you can hit him without falling off) The Firewall weapon is useful here too, but the starting gun will work just the same.

Defeat the Gir-Tab variant.  

Story related, cannot be missed. You will get this trophy after beating the fourth boss of the game, located in Kur.

To damage this boss, you must either shoot his face when his eye opens, or his backside. He has 2 attacks, his main attack, and his fire attack. He also may jump over you, but doesn’t do this move very often. His main attack consists of firing 2 low shots followed by a high shot from his cannons. He will either use the attack against the ground or slightly above. When he is above, that’s your chance to hurt him. He will only use the fire attack between segments of the fight (75%, 50%, and 25% health), where his tail fires a stream of fire in front of him, really easy to dodge.

The best weapon to use here is the optional weapon Hypo-Atomizer, which can be found in the big open area just before the hallways leading to the boss. (There’s a spot you can throw your drone in, leading to the weapon). With this weapon, you can literally just duck down and spam shots until the boss is dead.

If you don’t have the weapon, you will have to make use of the Nova weapon, which you get as part of the story near the beginning. Whenever the boss is firing his pattern of cannon shots, wait until he is standing up, then fire a few shots underneath him and detonate your shots when they are near his back. It will take a while doing this, but he will eventually go down.

Defeat the Ukhu variant.  

Story related, cannot be missed. You will get this after beating the seventh boss, located up high in Edin.

You will want to have the weapon Shards, which is located at the bottom of the really big room that you first entered in Edin. You will need the Address Bomb to get the weapon, which you should have gotten from the previous boss. And a few weapon Range upgrades will help immensely.

This boss is quite tough to beat, you can only damage him when his mouth is open, but the trouble is that he also uses all his attacks while his mouth is open.
He has 3 attacks. His first attack he opens his mouth and fires purple goo at you. His second attack is he tries to sting you; He usually uses this after the second time he fires goo at you. The third attack he sends out little wasps after you, which you can either take out with weapons, or slow them down with an address bomb then take them out.

To kill the boss, you have to shoot him while his mouth is open. The best way I found was to jump and fire the shards at his face and keep holding the button down the entire fight. Try to move towards him, as he will back up as you approach him. Just try to time his attacks with your jumps, and keep shooting him in the face until he goes down. I find jumping them dashing away works best in order to avoid taking damage.

*Also very important to note that the little wasps can be hit with the disruptor or address bombs, and they are needed for the Hacker trophy, so make sure you at least glitch one of the enemies!

Defeat Sentinel.  

Story related, cannot be missed. You will get this trophy after beating the eighth boss of the game, located in the final area, Mar-Uru.

I recommend getting the Flamethrower weapon before even entering the final area, see Cryptologist for where it’s located and how to get it. It’s still possible to beat the boss without it, but this weapon comes in handy for the final boss afterwards too, so you should get it.

The Sentinel may be either really easy or really hard for you. He only has 2 attacks. His first attack he will fire some little shots that home in on your location while firing a large laser from his face. The second attack, he becomes invincible and fires little projectiles all over the place.

You can only damage him during the first attack. If you have the flamethrower, just keep jumping and spamming it in his face, and at the same time use your new dash ability to constantly damage him by dashing into his face.
During the second attack, just sit in the bottom corners of the screen and you won’t get hit. If a projectile is about to hit you, just use the dash ability to avoid it.
Keep alternating between the 2 attack modes and he’ll go down fairly easily.

100% Items
Acquire 100% of all weapons, tools, upgrades, and notes. 

Self-explanatory, you must collect every single collectible in the game. For each map, if you have 100% items, you will see a yellow dot in the top-right corner of the screen, so use that to tell if you have everything. Note that secret worlds do not count for this trophy, so any collectibles found in those will not count towards the total.

A text based guide is posted here.

For those that want a picture, here is a map courtesy of that shows all the collectibles and upgrades. (You may want to open this in a new tab, as the map is quite large)
Note that on the Kur map in the upper area, the image has an extra note listed that is not actually part of the game.

100% Map (You may have to refresh the page for it to load)

100% Map
Uncover 100% of the game map. 

Self-explanatory. You will need to uncover the entire map. You can tell if you have 100% in an area if there is a purple dot in the top-right corner of the map screen.

Some things to keep in mind:

For save rooms, you need to have the upper half of those map areas filled. You will either need the high jump upgrade or the drone so you can launch it upwards to get the section to show up on your map.

There is an exploit you can use to gain unlimited height, but you can’t do it until you have the Drone Teleport, which you get after beating Ukhu.
You can basically fire your drone upwards with , then press twice at the peak of the jump to teleport to it, then fire your disruptor with , then quickly press to launch another drone. The reason you need to press is because the drone has a cooldown feature to prevent you from doing the exploit, but using the disruptor cancels the cooldown, allowing you to gain unlimited height/distance.

It sounds difficult, but once you get the timing down, you can launch your drone infinitely, allowing you to reach difficult collectibles or to unlock the highest parts of the map. It will come in handy while exploring Kur and Edin for the full map.

For those that want a picture, here is a map courtesy of that shows the entire map along with collectibles and upgrades. (You may want to open this in a new tab, as the map is quite large)
Note that on the Kur map in the upper area, the image has an extra note listed that is not actually part of the game.

100% Map (You may have to refresh the page for it to load since it does not let me link directly to the map)

Complete the entire game in under 4 hours.   

Missable, but is very easy when doing a speedrun. The trophy is for beating the game in under 4 hours, but if you just rush straight through the game with minor exploring and you know where to go, you will probably take at most 3 hours. Play on normal and you should be able to get it fairly easily.
I managed to complete the game in 1 hour, 53 minutes on my speedrun so it's easily doable in under 4 hours.

Here’s something to keep in mind that can save you some time: If you are in an area and need to backtrack quite a ways, pause and quit the game. It will ask you if you want to save, so say yes, and when you reload the game it will put you at the last save point you used. Very helpful when exploring Kur, as the area is so big that it takes a while to backtrack when going for the Grapple and Drone.

It’s entirely possible to get 100% completion as well as beating the game in under 4 hours, but that is very tough to do and I would advise to not bother trying to do everything in 1 run. (My best time was 4 hours 25 minutes on hard mode going for 100%.)

You should combine this trophy along with the Low % trophy and the Speedrunner trophy.

See Low % for what I did to get the trophy if you’re having trouble.

100% Weapons
Find 100% of the weapons in the game. 

You will need every single weapon in the game to get this trophy. There is a weapon you can get in a secret world, but it is not needed for this trophy. There are 20 weapons total, so when you have everything, there will be 4 extra slots not filled.

Check out the collectibles guide for all the weapons here.

100% Tools
Find 100% of the tools/abilities in the games. 

You will need to get all the upgrades in the game for this trophy.
You will get almost all of them through the story, there are only 5 upgrades that you might miss: The 2 Bioflux Accelerators, the Passcode tool, the Enhanced Drone launcher, and the Grapple Hook.
There are 16 total tools, but takes up 15 spaces on the screen since the Disruptor upgrade replaces the original, so you will have a space left over at the end.

Check the collectibles guide for everything here.

100% Health
Find 100% of Health Nodes 

You need to find all the health upgrades in the game to get this trophy. They look like the red orb in the trophy image. There are 2 types of health upgrades: Big health orbs, and Small health orbs.
The big orbs instantly give you more health, whereas with the smaller ones you need to collect 5 of them to increase your health.
Almost all the big orbs are in or near rooms where you beat a boss or get an upgrade, and the little ones are sometimes hidden inside walls or are at the end of a difficult set of rooms you need to bypass.

There is 1 health node that you must get by glitching these little green slugs that are in some rooms in Eribu, Indi, and Ukkin-Na. These don’t show up on your map for 100% completion in an area.

Collectibles guide is posted here.

100% Notes
Find 100% of all notes in the game. 

There are 28 different notes in the game. 1 looks like the note in the trophy image, 9 are green/yellow squares, 10 are purple/pink rectangles, and 8 are white tablets.
You need to find all the notes in the game for the trophy, and some are very well hidden.

Check the collectibles guide for everything here.

Mostly Invincible
Complete the game without dying.  (1) 

Missable! This trophy is actually quite tough to get! The bad thing about the game is that if you die, it puts you at the last save point you used and auto-saves the game. So be careful when you go through the game, if you are short on health, pause and quit the game (when it asks if you want to save, press Yes!), you will reload at the last save point you used, with all your progress intact.
If you do get killed, quickly hold down the Button and close the game before it spawns you back!
If you are playing on the main game, you can always copy your save file over to an empty space, so in case you die, you can just use the copied save file. If you’re on Speedrunner mode, you can’t back up your save, so you’ll have to be fast to close the game if you do die.

Complete the game once in Speedrun Mode. 

Self-explanatory. Just start a new game and make sure you choose Speedrun Mode instead of the regular mode. The only difference between this mode and the main game is that there is a timer showing your progress, and cutscenes are disabled. There is no penalty for playing on normal difficulty, so make sure you choose normal mode to make the run as easy as possible. While there is no limit to how fast you beat the game, you will want to combine this trophy with Low %, Overclocked, and Mostly Invincible. Otherwise you will need another run for some of those trophies.

Complete the game in Hard difficulty.  

Self-explanatory. Simply complete the game on Hard mode. Hard is not that difficult of a mode, and if you’re going for 100%, you’ll have most upgrades so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. The game may feel hard for the first bit, but once you get a few upgrades and understand the mechanics of the game, it will get easier. You will probably die a few times, that’s completely normal though, just keep at it and you’ll be fine! The only really tough parts of the game are the second area and the final boss. The second area introduces you to some zombie-like enemies which are very powerful and can kill you really fast, but once you get past them, the game will be a bit easier. As for the final boss, even with all the upgrades he is quite powerful and he can still kill you in a matter of seconds, but just keep trying and you’ll eventually beat him! Once you beat the final boss on hard, the trophy will pop.

Glitch your first enemy. 

Story related, cannot be missed.
You will receive the disruptor after the second boss fight in Absu. You use the weapon by holding . The weapon is used to create platforms in certain areas, as well as glitch enemies to make some easier to kill or to access new areas/collectibles. You will use it to create some invisible platforms, then you will use it on a mushroom-looking thing with blobs coming out of it to make more steps to climb to exit the area. As soon as you use it on the blobs, the trophy will pop.

You will want to use this weapon on every enemy in the game for the Hacker trophy, so any time you see a new enemy, make sure you glitch it! Note that some enemies cannot be glitched until you upgrade the disruptor (found in the lower areas of Kur after getting the drone), so try to remember which enemies you’ve glitched.

Glitch every enemy type at least once.  

You need to use the disruptor on every enemy in the game at least once. You can also use the bombs to glitch enemies once you’ve unlocked the upgrade.
Even if you don’t get every enemy on your first run, make sure you at the least glitch the 2 missable enemies during certain boss fights.
The first missable enemy is during the seventh boss fight against Ukhu, the giant wasp. He will send out 3 little small wasps to attack you every so often, so either bomb them with or use the disruptor to hack them.
The second missable enemy is during the final boss fight, you need to glitch the 3 mechanical enemies Athetos sends at you. Make sure you use a bomb to glitch them.
Here are some other enemies that you may miss:

  • The flying gold enemies in E-Kur-Mah. They cannot be glitched with the disruptor, you have to use the bombs with to glitch them.
  • The boulders in Kur, so make sure you glitch one of those too.
  • The hanging green shrubs in Edin. These only appear in 1 room in Edin, the big 5x2 room, and they hang under the ceiling that the green worms move on.
  • The green slug enemies. They are easy to glitch, but if you approach one without glitching it, it will release some purple flies that swarm you. Make sure to glitch these as well.

The trophy should pop during the final boss fight after glitching the 3 enemies.

100% Power
Find 100% of all Power Nodes. 

Power nodes look like the icon on the trophy image. There are 2 types of Power nodes, Big power nodes, and Small power nodes. The big ones increase your power instantly, whereas the small ones require you to collect 6 before they increase.
You will need to collect all of them in order to get the trophy. The big nodes are almost impossible to miss, as they tend to be located right after boss rooms or rooms with upgrades.
The small ones are hidden quite well; some in walls, and some at the end of a series of rooms you must pass.

Check the collectibles guide for everything here.

Low %
Complete the game with under 40% of all items.  

This might seem tough, but the trophy is actually quite easy to get. If you were to go through the entire game without collecting anything, you could probably have around 10% completion. Even if you go and collect every Health and Power upgrade in your path, you’ll still finish the game with around 25%.

I finished the game grabbing every big health upgrade and every big power upgrade, as well as a few items, and finished the game with 30% completion in 1 hour, 53 minutes.

Here’s what I did while playing through the game. Note that this is a quick guide, so I won’t go into detail here. But if you’re aiming for a fast time and under 40% completion, it will help immensely!

Start by getting the gun, and head to the top right of the area to collect the Nova weapon. Fight the first boss, get the Drill and the Power Node upgrade afterwards. Head down to Absu and collect the health upgrade at the bottom.

Make your way to the Elsenova statue and collect the Kilver weapon. Make your way to the boss, get the Disruptor, and the Health Node in the next room. Head straight to Zi, ignoring any other collectibles in your way.

Head straight through here to Kur.

Get the High Jump upgrade in the lower area of Kur and the Firewall weapon (optional), then head back to Zi.

Fight the boss, and get the Lab Coat and Health Node, then head back to Kur.

Use the save point at the bottom so you can do the save game exploit. Head all the way up to the top area to get the Drone, then pause and quit the game (make sure to save) to respawn back at the bottom of Kur. (Saves time instead of travelling back)

Get the Disruptor upgrade at the bottom of Kur, save, then head back to Zi.

Go to the robot’s room at the bottom, and get the Passcode Tool (will come in handy later), then use the quit/save exploit to get back to Kur instantly.

Make your way to the sky area and get the Hypo-Atomizer weapon (optional). Then head to the boss room, beat him, go and get the Grapple, and after that, get the Enhanced Drone Launcher. Then head down to the lower area and head to Indi.

Head all the way left to Eribu, then head up and to the right to reach Ukkin-Na.

Make your way up to the Doppelganger fight. When you respawn, head to the right and grab the Trenchcoat.
After that, head down to Indi, not Edin! Will save you some frustration from annoying enemies.

Head right to the entrance leading upwards to Edin.

Head to the Aborted Clone boss room, and get the Address Bombs.
If you want more Health/Power, head right and go to the room above for some upgrades. (Optional, but I did it)
Head left of the entrance to Indi, get the Range Node and the Shards weapon. Head upwards to the next boss fight. Fight the boss, get the Drone Teleport, and the Health Node below.
Head over to Kur via the entrance to Indi.

Head all the way upward to reach the entrance to E-Kur-Mah.

Get the Sudran key, and head down to the bottom to get the Red Coat. Take the lower exit to Kur.

Head all the way back to Eribu via Indi.

Go to the starting area, and head left. Get the Flamethower weapon from the very left edge, using the DINGER-GISBAR code on the password screen in the room with the flamethrower.
Head over to Ukkin-Na.

Head all the way up to the entrance to Mar-Uru.

Fight the Sentinel, get the Health Node, and make your way to the top. Feel free to get the Size Node on the way to the top (Hidden inside a brick wall, much safer than going above with all the enemies). Skip the Xedur Hul variant boss fight up top.

Beat the final boss and you’re done!

Bubble Breaker
Destroy 2000 regenerating blocks. 

This will come naturally, no need to farm it. However, if you want to get the trophy out of the way early on, head to the room at the bottom of Eribu. It has lots of bubble blocks that you can destroy.

Brick Breaker
Destroy 2000 bricks. 

This may or may not come naturally, but the best place to get this is in E-Kur-Mah late game. There is one room where you will need to drill to look for a key, and the room has hundreds of brick blocks. Wait until you get the Red Coat upgrade, then dash through every brick in the area until the trophy pops.

Secret Trophies
Be defeated by yourself.  

Story related, cannot be missed. You will get this after the fifth boss fight, which is located in Ukkin-Na.

This “boss” isn’t really a fight. You get to play as the boss itself, and you can fly around and fire shots at your doppelganger. But you will always die here, there’s no way to survive, so just let him kill “you” and you will get the trophy.

Defeat one of Athetos' aborted clones.  

Story related, cannot be missed. This is located in the sixth “boss room” of the game, located in Edin.

You will enter a room with 2 eggs (like what you use to save the game). Shoot off the red goo on both and the boss will appear.

You can either shoot it a few times to kill it, or you can wait about 15 seconds for it to kill itself for another trophy:
The Pacifist trophy will only unlock if you don’t shoot the clone, so as soon as you see it, don’t shoot it. The Clone trophy will unlock no matter what you do.

Defeat Athetos  

Story related, cannot be missed. You will get this trophy after beating the final boss of the game, located at the very top of Mar-Uru.

Athetos can be a very difficult boss, especially on hard mode. Your goal is to shoot the little blue/green box on the ceiling, while also dodging fire from the 3 mechanical enemies he spawns every few seconds. The fight has 3 phases, all of which are the same, but the enemies he spawns change their attacks each phase. The fight actually becomes easier the farther you get since the enemies are easier to dodge in the final 2 phases. In between each phase, you will see Reselnova attack the diamond on top of the arena, so you can tell when each phase is done. The first phase, the enemies fire rapid-fire shots at you; The second phase, they fire large shots at you that do a lot of damage; The final phase they fire continuous lasers at you.

Use your address bombs as much as you can during the first phase, as they will help out with killing the 3 enemies. Also if you have the Flamethrower, you can just spam that at the box, while dashing through the enemies to damage them. Just keep shooting the box, and the enemies when they spawn to finish the boss and the game!

*Important note, the 3 enemies that spawn need to be glitched for the Hacker trophy, so as long as you’re using address bombs during the fight, you will get them. If you’ve hacked every single enemy up to this point, that trophy should pop during this fight.

Secret World
Discover your first secret world. 

This trophy may or may not come naturally. Secret worlds are randomly generated every single time you play through the game. There are at least 4 possible secret worlds that will show up in your game. They are always hidden inside walls, and some you can just walk into, some you have to use the disruptor on the wall to make it disappear.

There is no foolproof method for finding them, as there are hundreds of possible locations for them to spawn in. The best tactic is to just go through every room in the map while hugging the walls and spamming the drill and disruptor everywhere, and hope that you find one! I have noticed that if a secret world is nearby your location, your screen will become a bit static-ish and the colour of the game will change very slightly. It's not really noticable, but if you notice it, then you're close!

Once you enter one, the trophy will pop, so you don’t actually have to explore any of them. However, there are some collectibles you can find in them, but they do not count towards 100% completion.

Bypass Athetos' aborted clone wihout damaging it.  

Missable, see Clone for how to get the trophy.

Use the Passcode Tool for the first time. 

You need to find the Passcode Tool, which is located in Zi. But you can’t access it until after you've found the drone (in Kur). The Passcode Tool is located near the bottom right corner of Zi. Go to the room with the giant robot, and fire your drone through the opening up top. Follow the rooms until you get to the room with the tool.
Once you have it, you can input codes, and you need to input 1 code to get the trophy.
Here’s all the different codes in the game, and how to find them:

What it does: Puts the player in his underwear. (cosmetic change only)
How to find password: Be a Metroid fan. Seriously. This is a code used in the original Metroid game to put Samus in her underwear so the developer, being a fan of the series, added the code to the game.

What it does: Makes some notes readable.
How to find password: There's a note you can find with the code on it, and it is in the room next to where you find the Passcode Tool.

What it does: Makes some notes readable.
How to find password: There's a note you find in Edin that has the code on it. The code is located in the room where you have to use the carpets sitting on the wind drafts to get up. Hack one of those green tentacle things, and it will open a path leading to the note.

What it does: Opens an area near some laser walls in Eribu near the top left of the map.
How to find password: From the room with 4 vertical laser walls, head right once, and up a room. Near the top right of this room, use your disruptor to make an object appear, and on the right side of the screen where there's gibberish, you'll see the code. Enter it in that same room to open a hidden passage.

What it does: Opens a hidden room at the bottom-left corner of Eribu.
How to find password: In the room mentioned, there is a spot in the top left corner with 12 strange symbols on it. These symbols are part of the Sudran texts, so in order to find out the code, you must activate/deactivate the Sudran code and compare letters from one of the texts. (The one called Security Notice has all the letters you need if you actually want to translate everything like I did!)

What it does: Opens access to the Flamethrower weapon in Eribu. (Hidden set of rooms to the left of where the game started.)
How to find password: In the final area Mar-Uru, there's a room with 4 lasers blocking you. Hack the enemy in the previous room to allow him into the new room to open the wall. Right under the collectible you can teleport to another area where there is a letter Proverb, which has the clue for the password. (Note for some reason the note says on the very east of the map, but it's actually the west.)

What it does: Opens a secret area in E-Kur-Mah (8th area), it's the blank spot on the map in the open room near the bottom.
How to find password: There are some dark green bushes that jump at you really fast. Hack one of them and on the enemy itself you will see some letters flashing that spell out the password.

Spare the Xedur Hul variant.  

Missable! But luckily it is really easy to get, and you will probably get it without even trying.
After you kill the Sentinel boss, you will reach another boss room shortly after. Simply walk past the boss into the next room without shooting it. Now beat the game. As long as you finish the game without killing it, the trophy will pop once you beat the final boss.

Game Info
Tom Happ
Tom Happ


US March 31, 2015
Europe April 01, 2015

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