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Atrapa La Bandera Trophy Guide
Guide By: Buraddorun
There are 10 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Estimated Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (5, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 0-5 Hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (Stage Select)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None
  • Additional peripherals required?: None


Atrapa la Bandera (Capture the Flag) is a game based on a movie of the same name. There is an English version of the movie, but the game is exclusive to Spain and is 100% in Spanish. There is no option to change the audio or text of the game to English.

The game is pretty much an interactive version of the movie. There are 37 scenes to get though in total, which include both playable stages and cinematic cutscenes taken directly from the movie. What you do in each stage varies. Some stages have you controlling and switching between 2-3 characters to search and locate items hidden throughout the stage. You must also combine certain items to be able to progress within the search-type stages, which usually results in you having to play a mini-game with that newly created item. Other stages may require you to drive or pilot a vehicle or do some other variation of a mini-game to complete. There are also QTEs scattered throughout.

It is not a terribly difficult game, but it can get frustrating because some parts require precision and timing to complete. Figuring out what you have to do, even with the potential language barrier, is easy enough, but doing it sometimes takes many tries. You will get the bulk of the trophies just by completing the game, which you only have to do once. You can get potentially missable trophies by either restarting a stage or using the scene select from the main menu.

Finally, of note, there are 8 hidden objects scattered throughout the game to find, but these are NOT associated with any trophies, so finding them all is just a fun extra for you to do.


Step 1 - Complete Story Mode:

Start a new game and play through all 37 scenes. Don't worry about missing any trophies, as the game has stage select, and it's probably better for you to get a feel of the stages first before trying for the non-story trophies.

By the end of this step you will have the following trophies:

  • Mapa completado
  • Descubridor
  • Sentido de la orientación
  • Destruye todo los robots
  • Recupera la bandera
  • Juego completo

Step 2 - Clean up:

Use the scene select (Elegir Escena), which is the 3rd option under Jugar from the main menu. This will allow you to go directly to any stages from which you are missing trophies.

By the end of this step you will have the following trophies:

  • Aviador de primera
  • Explorador lunar
  • Implacable
  • Surfista lunar experimentado

[PST would like to thank Buraddorun for this Roadmap]

Juego completo
Completa el juego. 

[Full game]
[Complete the game.]

Complete the story mode of the game, all 37 scenes, and you will get this trophy. No scenes are skippable, so this is pretty straightforward if you just play the game from beginning to end.

Explorador lunar
Atraviesa los cañones lunares a la primera sin destruir el coche. 

[Moon Explorer]
[It crosses the lunar cannons at first without destroying the car.]

To get this one, you need to complete Scene 26 without destroying the car. What that means is you can't simply retry and continue until you get it. You actually have to have a perfect run through the stage. While possible to do this on your very first try as you play through the game, it isn't likely, so you have two other options. You can either press start after you retry and then choose to reload the map (Reiniciar Mapa) or you can go directly to Scene 26 from the Scene Select from the main menu once you've beaten the stage.

Surfista lunar experimentado
Pasa un mapa de kitesurfing lunar a la primera. 

[Experienced lunar surfer]
[Pass a lunar kitesurfing map to the first one.]

This is another trophy that requires a perfect run in order to obtain. You must complete Scene 35 without crashing. If you fail, you cannot simply retry. You will have to reload the map (Reiniciar Mapa) or go directly to this stage from the Scene Select and beat it in one go.

Aviador de primera
Cruza con el ala delta el pantano a la primera. 

[First aviator]
[Cross with the delta wing the swamp to the first.]

This one is another that you have to get on your first try (a perfect run), but it is a bit more frustrating than the others. The reason is that this one is a mini-game within one of the longer stages, and is gotten towards the end of the stage. This means that if you fail on your first try, you can't simply retry, but rather have to start all over at the beginning of the stage by either reloading the map (Reiniciar Mapa) or using the Scene Select to go directly to the stage.

It is obtained in Scene 14, which is a puzzle stage (search for, find, use, and combine objects). There are 10 objects to find in the stage. There are 2 required for the mini-game that earns this trophy. From left to right, this mini-game requires item #2 tela de saco (sackcloth) and item #7 listones (slats). After you gather these items, head to the northeastern part of the map where there is an action point on the dock. Use the slats and then the sackcloth to initiate the mini-game.

This mini-game consists of two distinct parts. The first is a short series of QTEs. The second is flying the delta wing. If you successfully complete the mini-game in one try, you'll get the trophy. Otherwise, you'll have to start the stage all over again from the beginning and start gathering items again.

Atrapa el coche de Carson en menos de 32 segundos. 

[Catch Carson's car in less than 32 seconds.]

This trophy is obtained in Scene 28. In it, you must catch Carson, who is fleeing from you, in less than 32 seconds. I'm not certain whether failures count towards the clock, as unlike some sections, when you beat this stage it does not show your total time. It's possible that if you crash and retry that the invisible timer resets to 0, but it may be best to play it safe and either reload the map (Reiniciar Mapa) or go directly to this stage with Scene Select if you fail to get this trophy on your first try.

Mapa completado
Acaba un mapa. 

[Completed map]
[Finish a map.]

Simply complete Scene 2 and you will get this trophy. This is the first playable stage in the game, and it is a QTE stage. Simply beat it, and the trophy will pop.

Sentido de la orientación
Encuentra la salida del laberinto de setos. 

[Sense of orientation]
[Find the exit of the hedge maze.]

Complete Scene 6 to obtain this trophy. This stage has you go through a maze and the objective is to find the exit. Once you clear it, the trophy will pop.

Recupera la bandera
Consigue que Igor robe la bandera. 

[Recover the flag]
[Get Igor to steal the flag.]

Complete Scene 30 to obtain this trophy. This is another QTE stage.

Destruye todo los robots
Elimina los robots que atacan el cohete. 

[Destroy all the robots]
[Eliminate the robots that attack the rocket.]

Complete Scene 19 to obtain this trophy. This one is also a QTE stage.

Encuentra tu primer objeto coleccionable. 

[Find your first collectable object.]

As soon as you find and collect an object in Scene 4, which is needed to complete the scene, you will get this trophy. Each item icon on the bottom of the screen shows the in-game distance your character is away from it, so use that to quickly find the items. It doesn't matter which item you pick up first. As soon as you pick one up, you'll get the trophy.

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UPlay Studios
Badland Games


Europe December 18, 2015

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